Liberalism Must Be Defeated (Part 2)

Currently in the US the most significant threat to our Freedom comes from inside our borders.  The enemy is called Liberalism and I laid out my justification for calling it our #1 enemy in a previous post.

Since this enemy is unconventional and so different from our previous Public Enemy #1’s, this makes it difficult to get organized and win this war because we are handcuffed with preconceived notions on how to fight enemies.  We can’t send in a Seal team, park an aircraft carrier off the coast or invade Liberalism.  I must admit that I’ve been at a loss how we Americans who have not fallen under the hive mind thinking of the Left can defeat this enemy especially when Leftists basically control the airwaves and feed their flocks and new converts every evening on the national news shows.

While reading Flying High I found a section of the book that gave a strategy for defeating an enemy of the US and while that section of the book was geared toward a previous enemy of US Freedom (Communism), I think that same strategy, repurposed, can lead us to victory over Liberalism.

In 1960, Barry Goldwater enlisted the help of Brent Bozell to craft an essay on US policy toward the Soviet Union.  This essay was meant as a rebuke to the prevailing accommodationist line in Washington, DC and was published in the National Review and the following excerpt from Flying High Chapter 6 sums it up.

 “It follows that victory over Communism is the dominant, proximate goal of American policy.  Proximate in the sense that there are more distant, more “positive” ends we seek, to which victory over Communism is but a means.  But dominant in the sense that every other objective, no matter how worthy intrinsically, must defer to it.”

Did you catch that?  In the early 1960’s, Communism was viewed as such a threat to US Freedom that all other objectives were subservient to the main objective of defeating Communism.  Later in this section of the book, Goldwater and Bozell went on to talk about how peace, freedom, justice and prosperity are worthy objectives but we must compromise these in the fight to accomplish our victory over the primary enemy of Communism.

Another quote from this section of the book – emphasis mine:

“It may be, of course, that such objectives can be pursued consistently with a policy designed to overthrow Communism; my point is that where conflicts arise they must always be resolved in favor of achieving the indispensable condition for a tolerant world – the absence of Soviet Communist power.

According to Goldwater and Bozell, if the US has its top priority of achieving victory over Communism, every foreign and domestic policy issue should be judged on whether our actions on these issues helped achieve that main goal.  Forget the fact that some of our ideals would be occasionally compromised, that was a necessary casualty in the overall war on Communism.  We had to focus on the main goal and nothing else.  The goal of defeating Communism was that important!

In my opinion we, the United States of America, have an enemy that must be defeated and we must focus on that main goal and nothing else.  We must defeat Liberalism now and nothing else really matters.

So how do we do fight this war?

Although it’s fun to reveal the overwhelming Leftist bias of so called journalists and expose them on social media, we can’t win over the State Run Media because they’ll continue to parrot the talking points of Liberalism and cast those opposed in the role of the enemy.  The SRM’s Leftist bias is ingrained in their culture and will not be changed – See the excellent book by Bernard Goldberg entitled “Bias” for more on that.

Simply put, we have to vote the Liberals (and complacent Republicans) out of office so they can no longer do harm to our country.   We have to get enough American citizens on our side to defeat Liberals in the House, Senate and White House in the next election cycles.  The people we elect make the laws and until we purge Congress and the White House of Leftists and those who choose to ‘go along to get along’ we won’t accomplish our main goal.

How do we rally Americans to this cause of defeating Liberalism?  Goldwater has some advice (again from Flying High, Chapter 6) – emphasis mine:

“The people of the world and their leaders do not rally instinctively behind good causes:  if that were true, the plague of Communism would long since have disappeared from our planet.  They do, however, rally behind good causes that are energetically and purposively pressed, and that show promise of winning.  If we simply summon the courage of our convictions, the blessings of a moderately tolerable life will soon fall on others, as well as ourselves.  And future generations will honor us.”

In a perfect world every citizen would read Heritage posts (and the many like them on other Conservative blogs) and realize that our only hope of surviving as the leader of the free world is to vote Liberals out now.  But that is sadly not the case so we have to do it another way.

It is on us to talk to our colleagues/friends/associates and blog/tweet/facebook, etc. in such a way to convince them that we have a valid cause to fight for, we can win this battle and our victory will make the world a better place for our children.

All foreign and domestic policy issues, elections and budget fights from here going forward should be framed into the context of defeating Liberalism.  No compromise.  No appeasement.  No holding on to the status quo.  Every issue must be viewed in the light of our overall objective of defeating Liberalism.

Sad to say but this might mean we support a RINO in purple states so that the Democrat can be defeated.  This might also mean we abandon the ‘purity test’ during Presidential Primaries to elect a candidate that can win in 2016.  It pains me to say this but the reality is that many in the US have been brainwashed by the SRM and other Leftists to the point that they will not even listen to someone who receives a high score by some Tea Party metric.

Going for the home run sounds romantic and gets the Conservatives excited but we face an enemy that is very entrenched and has their defenses fortified.  For that reason we must employ island hopping tactics vs. an invasion of the mainland (just like we did in the Pacific theater during WWII).  This victory will not be won in a year or maybe even 10 years but if we never lose sight of our overall enemy and follow the strategy outlined by Goldwater/Bozell, we can win this war.

The next time you go into a voting booth, write a blog, send a tweet, post something on Facebook, talk politics with a friend or write a check to a political candidate ask yourself if your actions are furthering the cause of defeating Liberalism.

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10 Responses to Liberalism Must Be Defeated (Part 2)

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  2. Wow I had no idea Brent had been in the battle that long. I’m a huge supporters of the MRC, I now have a new found respect for him. Great blog. Thanks cosmoscon

  3. livinrightinpgh says:

    Liberalism supports the evil of slavery through government dependency; destroys the freedoms of American citizens, gives no regard to the value of human life, seeks to oppress the masses, punishes faith, family, and Christian pursuits. It is, in a word: EVIL. My dear friends, we are not in a battle of Conservatism vs. Liberalism. We are in a battle of good vs. evil. Just as Liberalism appears as the Giant Goliath did to the Israelites, it will be today’s “David” (individual or group) who will be victorious. It doesn’t matter what we face, or how big the opposition is, when we have the God of all Creation on our side. Yes, we are still active and we still vote to promote those candidates who espouse the proper values. But our FIRST objective should be to align ourselves with The Word so that His power flows through us.

    • cosmoscon says:

      Yes livingrightinpgh, way to keep our eye on the ball. No matter how hard we try politically, if we are a nation that willingly turns from God then it won’t matter what we do. I think we can use these one on one talks with folks to accomplish both! We can win them to conservative principles and Christ.

  4. Greg Ward says:

    This is a fantastic piece and very thought provoking. I always struggle to understand the best tactics, the best political strategy in our war against liberalism. I love your “island-hopping” analogy though, and am going to ponder your advice for a while. I agree we shouldn’t have “purity tests”, but we also need strong activist groups pushing the conversation rightward. My fear is that when we concentrate on “electability”, the country club set wins out and we get Romney. What is the balance?

    • cosmoscon says:

      Thanks for the comments Greg and you’re right about the electability question. My hope is we get conservatives active at the local level (city council, mayor, etc.) and then that grassroots involvement will yield dividends later at the national level.

  5. God bless you cosmoscon. We win by changing hearts and minds, and that involves talking to friends and neighbors, people on the other side. Not just twitter flame wars and echo chamber rallies. Your last sentence is gold. What would cosmoscon do? WWCD.

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