Nothing New Under The Sun – GOP Version

Senate Republicans Speak To The Media After Their Weekly Policy MeetingIt appears the Republicans in the House and Senate are ready to stop the shutdown and get absolutely nothing in return.  But never fear, I bet they tell us they’ll get tough on the next fight.

Just like McConnell promised in January:

“The tax issue is finished,” Mr. McConnell said on the ABC News program “This Week.” “Over. Completed. That’s behind us.”

And later in the NY Times story:

“Mr. McConnell repeatedly sidestepped questions about whether he supported Republican senators who have suggested that a default – and even a brief shutdown of the government – might be necessary to secure deep spending cuts.”

“My answer is hopefully we don’t need to get to that point,” he said on ABC.  “The president surely must know we’re spending way too much.  So why don’t we do something about reducing spending?”

Yes, the old saying is true – there is nothing new under the sun.

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9

We’ll just keep caving and kicking the can down the road.  I hope I’m wrong but I know the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – and I’m not insane.


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4 Responses to Nothing New Under The Sun – GOP Version

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    I have been peppering McConnell’s office with emails filled with my disgust for his cowardice. If the likes of McConnell and McCain are going to act more like Dems and NOT fulfill their campaign promises then it’s time for one of two things to happen: Primary them, or perhaps it IS time for a third political party….

  2. --Rick says:

    One day, Republicans may learn that when you go all in and lose, you lose everything. Let’s hope that this loss doesn’t give the House to the Dems to go with the Senate; otherwise, we’ll have no need for wallets or purses.

  3. livinrightinpgh says:

    Well…one thing IS certain: Obama never blinked and the Republicans folded like a house of cards. So, Obama now knows he does NOT have to “negotiate” with them at all. Let’s just kick the can further down the road, and give the Left whatever they want. Maybe the current crop of Democrat-lite Republicans won’t be around when the system collapses…..

  4. tannngl says:

    Well, the agreement contained a lot of pigmeat. Kentucky gets $2BILLION. (Think Mitch was being primaried?) And the House might have lost the power of the debt ceiling.
    They didn’t fold. They purposely walked in and knelt in front of the progs and were rewarded.
    We the People are left with nothing.
    So this might not even have a chance of happening again after the first of the year.

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