NPR Blames Republicans

npr-logoNPR is getting tired of people blaming the Obama administration and specifically Kathleen Sebelius for the huge failure of the Obamacare website so they are going into full shill mode to help out.

Who does Julie Rovner blame?

For starters, the Republicans in the House:

Which led to the first big problem — money. When it became clear that HHS would need more money to build the federal exchange than had been allocated in the original law, Republicans in Congress refused to provide it.

As a result, says Angoff, officials “had to scrape together money from various offices within HHS to build the federal exchange.”

Awww, I guess $500 million (the cost to develop the Obamacare website) doesn’t buy what it used to.

But NPR doesn’t stop there.  Let’s blame Mitt Romney too!

Then there was the timing issue. Technically, department officials have had 3 1/2 years since the law passed. But much of that time was spent in limbo. First there was waiting to see if the Supreme Court would overturn the law in the summer of 2012. (It didn’t.) Then there was waiting to see if Mitt Romney and a Republican Senate would be elected that November to repeal it. (They weren’t.)

And finally let’s blame all those obstinate Republican states that refused to let the Federal Government set up their exchange.

Then it was another month waiting for states to decide if they wanted to build their own health exchanges or let the federal government do it for them.

“The administration bent over backward to accommodate the states; the administration begged states to cooperate,” Angoff says.

And in the end, the administration made a major miscalculation. Officials figured that even Republican states would both create their own exchanges and expand their Medicaid programs because both came with so much federal money attached.

The Left is really stretching on this one but we can always count on NPR to carry the Leftist’s water and do the bidding of Team Obama.

Don’t forget, about 5% of NPR’s funding comes from our tax dollars.


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8 Responses to NPR Blames Republicans

  1. tannngl says:

    Hubby listens to NPR on his way home from work. Thanks for this report. They do indeed carry the president’s water. *ick factor*
    Did you read about the law suit claiming the AFA allows states who do not participate in the exchanges to NOT enforce the individual and employer mandates?
    Sad we can’t get our news from US carriers.

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    They should rename NPR as “Air ACORN”…..

  3. *gasp…..are you tellin me NPR is not to be trusted? I suppose next you’ll be tellin me that Charlie Rose is a political hack job….. 😀 great piece cosmoscon

  4. This is remarkable. The real story should be that Angoff seems to not understand the constraints of working under a budget. If the money pinch was really that bad, he should have had The Big Cheese step into the Bully Pulpit to slam Republicans. Oh wait, he does that everyday!

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