How Leftists Argue

After the recent UAW pummeling in Tennessee, Leftists have an extreme case of #Butthurt and they are taking to Twitter and demonstrating the 3 step arguing technique they always follow:

1)      Lie

2)      Shift and

3)      Vile Tweet

Before I give you an example of this arguing technique, let’s make sure you understand just how bad this defeat was for the UAW.

“The election was also extraordinary because Volkswagen choose to cooperate closely with the UAW. Volkswagen allowed UAW organizers to campaign inside the factory—a step rarely seen in this or other industries.”

“This is like an alternate universe where everything is turned upside down,” said Cliff Hammond, a labor lawyer at Nemeth Law PC in Detroit, who represents management clients but previously worked at the Service Employees International Union. “Usually, companies fight” union drives, he added.

And from the Labor Union Report post:

“The union reportedly dispatched 20 organizers into the plant. They wore black UAW t-shirts and were given access to employees on company-paid time, company offices, access to break areas and lunch rooms.”

“With so many people roaming through their plant, some employees complained it felt like they were “on lockdown.”

“The black-shirted UAW organizers were allowed to stay in the plant all the way up to 11:59 pm on the even of Wednesday’s vote.”

So to sum up – The VW management supported the UAW and encouraged its employees to vote FOR the union.  As if that wasn’t enough, the UAW was also given unprecedented access INSIDE the plant leading up to the vote.  And they still lost!

Now on to the #Butthurt.


No, you would not be happy with any union vote that didn’t result in the formation of a union and we all know that.  Senator Corker makes a statement claiming VW would send more jobs to Tennessee if the UAW was defeated  and that is what the Left is calling ‘intimidation’ or something?

That is laughable.  Unions, who may not have invented voter intimidation but they damn well perfected it, are now claiming they were intimidated by the comments of a Senator.  Forget about the dozens of Outsider UAW goons roaming the halls of the VW facility leading up to the election.  You can’t make this stuff up.


Now the Leftist wants to shift the argument to how the UAW has been great for other automotive companies.  Don’t ever take this bait from the Left but instead continue reminding them that they lost…..again.

Vile tweet:

This is the way it always ends with Leftists on twitter and this is always followed by a Block or Spam report.

This is why it’s useless to engage in a sensible debate with them.  You’d have better luck teaching a dog how to solve a Rubik’s cube.

Just enjoy the sweet taste of their tears…..There will be many more this year.

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