The Left’s Winning Strategy In 2014

Today on NPR Democratic Senator from New York Chuck Schumer revealed the Democrats’ winning strategy for the midterm elections this year.

Here was the exchange at the end of the story where Chuck let this strategic gem slip:

GREENE: But it’s Obamacare that’s on the mind of a lot of voters right now. I mean, we had a recent piece in Louisiana where we heard from people saying that they like Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu – one of your colleagues – you know, and they’d vote for her if she hadn’t voted for the Affordable Care Act.

SCHUMER: I would tell you if Mary Landrieu does what she continues to do – talk about getting the middle-class moving again – that will be more important than Obamacare in her election, and she will prevail.

GREENE: It’s a matter of changing the conversation out there, you’re saying.

SCHUMER: I think, yes, it’s a matter of we are changing the conversation as we’re going to bring a whole series of bills to the floor that affect middle-class economy. But at the same time, it’s what people really feel.

In other words, here is the Democratic message for the American people in 2014 – Stop listening to the news reports about how Obamacare is causing real pain for the country but instead start listening to our empty promises about how we are going to fight for the middle class.

That sounds like a great strategy.  Good luck with that Chuck.

But wait!  Remember in November of 2013 when Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said that Democrats would win in 2014 by running ON Obamacare?

I think Chuck and Debbie need to get on the same page.

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