Something Odd Has Happened

For the past 9 months I’ve controlled my Type 2 Diabetes through exercise and diet consisting of high protein, high fat and extremely low carbs (obtained only from vegetables) but something odd has happened to my morning blood sugar measurements over the past 2 weeks. And by ‘odd’, I mean in a good way!

Since September 2013 my fasting blood sugar measurements have been in the high normal range (90-100 mg/dL) every morning and at least one or two readings per week were in the 100-110 range but for the last 2 weeks my morning blood sugar measurements have been between 70 and 90 which is the low to mid point of a normal range for someone without Diabetes.

The graph below shows my morning blood sugar measurements for the past 9 months (It should be noted that the measurements in the 130’s occurred when I was sick):

morning blood sugar 9 months

You will notice that the beginning of this graph also showed my blood sugar measurements in the 70-90 range but that was when I was on the 800 calorie/day diet that kick started my diabetes reversal journey and the low readings were understandable with such a low calorie diet.

But since going off the 800 calorie/day diet and switching to a Paleo style diet, I routinely eat 2,500 calories a day and you can see that over these past 9 months, my blood sugar measurements averaged in the high 90’s with occasional excursions in the low 100’s. Until about 2 weeks ago.

This stepwise drop in my morning blood sugar measurements that has occurred over the last 2 weeks can be shown in more dramatic fashion by looking at this same data zoomed in for the last few months.

morning blood sugar 3 months

Even my evening blood sugar measurements (that are taken 2 hours after dinner) also showed a dramatic shift down during the past 2 weeks.

evening blood sugar 3 months

For those of you who follow my blog and know how meticulous I am about data and experimenting with various variables in determining what impact they have out outputs, here is where you are expecting me to explain this. But I’m sorry to disappoint because I can’t determine why this sudden drop in blood sugar measurements occurred!

I didn’t alter my diet or exercise regime in any way during this period. Nothing changed. No new foods. No elimination of foods. No extra exercising.

I was so mystified by this that on two occasions I tried to spike my morning blood sugar measurements by eating foods for dinner that historically have caused evening blood sugar measurements over 150 and morning blood sugar measurements in the 110 – 130 range.

On 17-JUN-14 I ate 10 hot wings for dinner that were dipped in a sugary barbeque sauce. My evening blood sugar measurement 2 hours after that meal was 126 (which is still under the normal limit of 130 for a non-diabetic) and the next morning my blood sugar measurement was 100 (‘high’ for this 2 week period but still within the normal range of a non-diabetic).

On 22-JUN-14 I ate a salad with large bread croutons (that I normally pick out). My evening blood sugar measurement 2 hours after the meal was 99 and the next morning my blood sugar measurement was 84 – which both were right in the middle of the normal range for a non-diabetic).

I have said many times over the past 9 months that I feel so good after embracing the Paleo diet and eliminating carbs that even if my Type 2 Diabetes magically disappeared I’d still never go back. That statement is still true but now I’m curious if my body has ‘magically’ reset itself and I no longer have the low insulin sensitivity problem that caused Type 2 Diabetes.

I’m not abandoning Paleo, even if this is true, but over the coming days I am going to start adding high carb foods for dinner to see if my blood sugar measurements increase.

Another theory of mine is related to multivitamins. A little over 2 weeks ago I ran out of my normal multivitamin (2 per day from Life Extension) and because I’ve been busy I didn’t re-order them. This is the only change that occurred during this time period but surely the elimination of a multivitamin can’t lower ones blood sugar, right? There are studies where extremely high doses of Vitamin C and Niacin cause elevated blood sugar levels but my Multivitamin didn’t have near these quantities mentioned in those links. But still, I will restart the Multivitamin while maintaining my current diet/exercise regime to see if this has an effect.

Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Something Odd Has Happened

  1. Cosmoscon, you really do live up to your label, citizen scientist.

  2. tannngl says:

    That’s wonderful!!!

    Hubby had an increase in blood sugar to high normal and I realized it’s the very strong corticosteriod he uses for his eczema. i told him to stick to keto! My psoriasis, after 7 months is totally gone!

    Things I can think of that might cause the drop: stopped taking antacids. stopped corticosteriods. Could be the vitamins or something else like a skin cream that has gluten. Many do.

    I am so proud of you!!!!!!

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