The Clueless Left On Foreign Policy

It’s good to look back a few years ago at the foreign policy predications of Leftists to see how competent they were.

Think Progress thought Obama had a good zinger in the 2012 presidential debates when he said this in reference to Romney’s statement that Russia was our number 1 geopolitical foe:

obama zinger

And remember in 2008 when Voxsplaining juice box kiddo Matt Yglesias said there was no way Russia would expand their aggression into Ukraine:

“The appeasement frame rests on the idea that it’s some kind of slippery slope from Russian bombers hitting Tblisi to attacks on Talinn, Kiev, Warsaw and who knows where else. But that’s to view international politics as some kind of purely abstract, logical affair where if Russia gets away with one thing there’s nothing to stop them from marching as far west as they please. In practice, the issue is whether there’s a slipper slope of capabilities and there clearly isn’t.”

And then this tweet in 2013:

But now we see this tweet from the super genius on 10-SEP-14:

And don’t forget what Salon editor Joan Walsh said in 2012:

“Obama’s best line came when he told Romney, “You seem to want to import the foreign policies of the 1980s, just like the social policies of the 1950s and the economic policies of the 1920s.” That wasn’t just a good zinger, it’s a great summary of what’s at stake in this election. I hope voters ignore the supposedly savvy horse race coverage of this crucial debate, and pay attention to Romney’s lack of core convictions on foreign policy or anything else.”

Romney was right about Russia and Obama and his lap dog bloggers were wrong. Dead wrong.

But you’ll never hear them admit it.

Leftists live in a unicorn and rainbow filled Utopia where evil people don’t exist anymore. They think people will think rationally and do what’s in the best interest of the world to keep peace. They think all the evil people learned from their mistakes after they watched the Berlin Wall come toppling down. They think all violence in the world would fade away if we just confiscated all the guns.

These Leftists are dangerously naïve and in a sane world they would be relegated to a corner to be laugh at. But it’s no laughing matter now because many of them are getting elected and working in our state and federal governments. We are being led by simpletons who refuse to acknowledge the evil that exists in the world today.

The Left is just as clueless about foreign policy as they are about economics. If more people followed the news with an unbiased eye then there would be very few people in the US who would vote for them. Ever.

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