Why AGW Cult Scientists Can’t Be Objective

I’ve thought about why the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult lie persists and written about it here but there is a great post by Joe Bastardi that does this topic far better justice.

Read it all but here are a couple of the main quotes:

“For instance, while I’ve read almost everything Dr. Mann has written, how many times has he had hands on experience in making a forecast that has to verify? It’s laughable to think, as a private sector meteorologist whose livelihood depends on being right, that one can separate climate from weather. I realized a long time ago that being able to recognize current patterns from understanding the past (it was drilled into me by my father, a degreed meteorologist) was essential to making a good forecast. The fact many climatologists downplay the relationship, or say they’re different, shows me they don’t know what they’re talking about. In other words, I do what they do, but they don’t do what I do. I read what they write, but they won’t stop to look at the other side.”

“Then there’s another big problem: What if you have all this knowledge, you’ve taken a stand on this, and it’s your whole life – how can you possibly be objective? The climate debate and past weather events are needed building blocks for my product. That product involves a challenge each day. In the case of a PhD on the AGW side, they believe the idea is the product. Destroy the idea, you destroy the product; destroy the product, you destroy the person. Therefore, it’s personal. Your whole life – all the fawning students, the rock star status – is all gone. I would hate to be in that position. Each day I get up, and there it is – the weather challenging me. The answer is the fruit of my labor, not the object of it. Because of that, you’ll look for anything to come up with the correct answer, not just a predetermined one where your self-esteem depends on it.”

AGW cult climate scientists aren’t interested in finding the truth through data or they’d take one look at the graph below and realize that CO2 isn’t a main driver in Earth’s climate over the past 17 years.

rss vs co2

AGW Cult climate scientists are driven by a socio-economical-political cause and they are only interested in reading and conversing on topics in their own echo chamber that support their beliefs.

This approach to science is actually antithesis to real science and these liars should never be taken seriously.

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