LCHF Diet Can “Cure” Type 2 Diabetes

As any frequent reader of my blog can attest, I am a living testimonial of how a Low Carb/High Fat (LCHF) diet can “cure” Type 2 Diabetes. And I put “cure” in quotations because I’m still insulin resistant and my blood sugar problems will come back if I return to eating foods high in carbohydrates.

You can review my Type 2 Diabetes journey in the Diabetes and Paleo sections of this blog but suffice it to say that after I embraced the Paleo lifestyle (which has the LCHF diet as part of its guidelines) I lowered my A1C from 11.5 to 5.5. I am firmly convinced that any recently diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic person can see exactly the same results if they are only willing to give it a try.

Before going this route, I tried following the conventional wisdom of most endocrinologists – take these pills and keep eating carbs – and the side effects of the medicine were horrendous. And even with the high dosage of Metformin, my blood sugar levels were never in the normal range of someone without Diabetes.

Any endocrinologist not suggesting the LCHF diet to any recently diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic is guilty of malpractice in my opinion. I know there are literally millions of people in America struggling with Type 2 Diabetes right now and it is so frustrating that this LCHF solution isn’t on their radar because they don’t know it exists.

My frustration with the way the medical community chooses to fight Type 2 Diabetes was allayed some today when I came across an excellent video from Dr. Sarah Hallberg. It appears that some medical professionals are starting to recommend the LCHF diet to their Type 2 Diabetic patients and this video is pure gold.

If you are struggling with insulin sensitivity then you NEED to watch this video now.


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3 Responses to LCHF Diet Can “Cure” Type 2 Diabetes

  1. tannngl says:

    Excellent video. Sent it to my husband who doesn’t know whether to listen to me, keto registered nurse! or his doctor. This was an MD!

    I PRAY doctors are beginning to realize…
    I learned in first year of nursing in 1963 that diabetics had to eat LESS carbohydrate.

  2. Karim Miteff says:

    Hi, Cosmoscon:

    Thanks for sharing your journey and detailed results. Your living proof that diet and exercise can effective first line therapy/strategy to treat this disease. I have a question as to whether or not you have considered taking Metformin even though you have greatly normalized your blood sugars. I have heard and read about many cases of diabetes reversals in the short term, but I am wondering, even with strict adherence to lifestyle changes, whether or not it makes sense to take Metformin now — if your system tolerates it and does show an effect — to reduce beta cell stress and slow or even arrest potential progression. Metformin does not appear to induce increased insulin production like some of the drugs it is paired with that may exhaust beta cells, but there are many people on Metformin who complain of progression to other drugs and ultimately insulin. I am wondering if those folks on Metformin who see eventual rises in BG are following a true LCHF or Paleo style diet. You would expect that Metformin in a nominal dose, with B12 supplementation/monitoring, along with the appropriate lifestyle regimen could be ideal for those that can tolerate it.

    Any thoughts or opinions about this?

    Thanks again.

    • cosmoscon says:

      When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I did take Metformin. I had horrible side effects from Metformin (gastro intestinal) and this was the reason I looked for other options. Since my blood sugars are normal on the Paleo diet, I think it would be dangerous to take any medication that further lowered my blood sugars as they could drop too low. So to answer your question, No I will not add any medication to my therapy/strategy.

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