Mysterious Low Blood Sugar

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve tried my new continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and finally something happened the other night that validated my desire, since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, to have a CGM.

It is extremely problematic to wake myself up in the middle of the night to use my stick meter to see what my blood glucose levels are so a CGM (that takes measurements once every minute) is exactly the right tool for this job.

I’ve often wondered what my blood glucose levels are when I’m sleeping and for the most part they’ve remained stable but the other night something caused my blood glucose levels to drop close to 50 mg/dL.

low glucose 2

low glucose 1

I have no explanation as to why this happened.  I don’t take medicine or insulin injections to control my Type 2 Diabetes so I can’t attribute a poor application of medication for this.  I didn’t do anything odd (that I know of) with regard to straying from my Paleo lifestyle.

And this drop occurred around 3:00 am so it’s not like I jumped up and ran a 5K in the middle of the night on an empty stomach!

Although I haven’t found a causal explanation for this, I’ll be watching this closely now that I know this happens.

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4 Responses to Mysterious Low Blood Sugar

  1. tannngl says:

    Is it possible you had high carb before bed. This could then dip pretty low before your liver sends more glucose into your blood. There’s also the symogii effect but that usually happens when you’re getting ready to wake up in the morning.
    On ketosis I know my blood sugars run very low (70’s and 80’s even after meals) and my body has adjusted to these low sugars. I wonder if mine dips like that during the night! I know I wake up easily, frequently around 3 AM. Maybe I’ll think about the CGM!

    • cosmoscon says:

      I have noticed the Dawn Phenomenon (Symogii) effect but it’s not as often as I would’ve thought. Still early though and this is one thing I’m watching.

      I really like having all this data and hope future updates for this particular CGM will allow use of an App on my phone and allow downloads of data that I can export to an Excel file. For me it was a no-brainer since my insurance gives me one free (both the reader and sensors each month) since I have a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

  2. Jenny Ingles says:

    Depending on your model of CGM, if you sleep on the side that your CGM is on and it puts pressure on it, it can register a false low.

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