South Carolina Primary – Final Thoughts

Anyone who has visited my website knows I’m a Conservative and my primary goal in the 2012 elections is to remove Obama from office and that goal alone has driven the voting decision that I’ll make tomorrow.

Over the past few decades we have allowed the Liberal message to enter our entire way of life and we deserved what we got with the 2008 elections.  Starting in 2009, the leaders of the House, Senate and White House were the most liberal trio to ever hold those important positions and The Heritage Foundation Blog had a great post today showing what that unholy trinity produced: 

  • The last time the Senate passed a budget was on April 29, 2009.
  • Since that date, the federal government has spent $9.4 trillion, adding $4.1 trillion in debt.
  • As of January 20, the outstanding public debt stands at $15,240,174,635,409.
  • Interest payments on the debt are now more than $200 billion per year.
  • President Obama proposed a FY2012 budget last year, and the Senate voted it down 97–0. (And that budget was no prize—according to the Congressional Budget Office, that proposal never had an annual deficit of less than $748 billion, would double the national debt in 10 years and would see annual interest payments approach $1 trillion per year.)
  • The Senate rejected House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R–WI) budget by 57–40 in May 2011, with no Democrats voting for it.
  • In FY2011, Washington spent $3.6 trillion. Compare that to the last time the budget was balanced in 2001, when Washington spent $1.8 trillion ($2.1 trillion when you adjust for inflation).
  • Entitlement spending will more than double by 2050. That includes spending on Medicare, Medicaid and the Obamacare subsidy program, and Social Security. Total spending on federal health care programs will triple.
  • By 2050, the national debt is set to hit 344 percent of Gross Domestic Product.
  • Taxes paid per household have risen dramatically, hitting $18,400 in 2010 (compared with $11,295 in 1965). If the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire and more middle-class Americans are required to pay the alternative minimum tax (AMT), taxes will reach unprecedented levels.
  • Federal spending per household is skyrocketing. Since 1965, spending per household has grown by nearly 162 percent, from $11,431 in 1965 to $29,401 in 2010. From 2010 to 2021, it is projected to rise to $35,773, a 22 percent increase.

Obama, as the community organizer in chief, has created an environment that is so caustic that compromise is impossible.  Over regulation has stifled business and we’ve seen things over the past few years that I never thought would happen in America – like the NLRB telling a private US company where they can expand and build factories. With the rise of Occupy Wall Street, the Left has started the ultimate straw man argument about income inequality and created the beginnings of a Class War.  Washington DC is broken and if we don’t get a handle on it quickly we’ll turn into Greece sooner rather than later.

The Tea Party rose to power in 2009 and now Conservatism is making a comeback but we are naïve if we think that we can change Washington DC overnight.  It will take several election cycles to get strong conservatives in key leadership posts and we must not get discouraged at the slow pace of change.  Slowly but surely the American people have to be re-educated about the benefits of fiscally conservative policy and more importantly Capitalism.  This will take years to accomplish so conservatives should not think you were in for a quick fight.  The American people will have to be shown the benefits of conservative principles before they will vote in large numbers in a general election for them.

I had hoped that 2012 would allow Republicans to field a strong conservative candidate but looking at the remaining four – Gingrich, Romney, Paul and Santorum – it is obvious we failed at that task.  So tomorrow I will be faced with a decision at my polling location and I feel good about the decision I plan to make.

My logic was to narrow the field down to the candidates that I think can sway enough independents in the general election to ensure Obama’s defeat and then choose the most conservative of those candidates.  From my take on the polls, the history of the remaining candidates and the belief that there are still many independents who are buying into the Liberal lies I made the decision to vote for Mitt Romney.

Romney has shown that he can work with both sides of an issue and while he can be characterized as moving with the prevailing winds (i.e. flip flopper), I feel that the winds will be stronger on the conservative side once we make gains in the House and hopefully take back the Senate.  It will be up to our lawmakers to send conservative bills to his desk for signature and it will be up to Romney to not only sign them but immediately roll back the over regulation from the NLRB, EPA, FDA, DoJ and SEC. 

I made the full case for how I arrived at that decision and posted it here if you choose to read more.

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2 Responses to South Carolina Primary – Final Thoughts

  1. Bob Mack says:

    I don’t know about Romney yet, but I do know that we need to remove all the socialists & radicals currently masquerading as Democrats from office ASAP.

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