A Conservative Supernova

The Blogosphere was very active today about the untimely and unfortunate passing of Andrew Breitbart.  I didn’t know Mr. Breitbart and only recently became involved in the Conservative movement on Twitter/Blog sites and started my own blog in September 2009.  But as I became more familiar with the “Who’s Who” of Conservative social media, I realized Mr. Breitbart’s influence was immense.

Earlier today, Erick Erickson at Red State wrote a great piece entitled “A Supernova Now Dark” which talked about the passing of Mr. Breitbart.  In that post, Mr. Erickson compared Mr. Breitbart to a supernova because of the energy he exuded:

“This brilliant ball of energy has gone dark. My and our shared prayers are for his family, friends, and colleagues who will miss his friendship, leadership, and no doubt as I have more than once received, his 3 o’clock in the morning (Eastern Time) phone calls from the Los Angeles Freeway on his way home to his wife and kids that abruptly end when he gets pulled over by the police for using his cell phone while driving. But you never had to worry. He’d call and wake you back up around 4:30 to apologize for having called so late. I speak from personal experience.”

“God bless you, Andrew.”

This was a great post but I wonder if Mr. Erickson picked up on another way the supernova analogy could be used.  Let me explain what I mean but first here is a crash course on how stars are born and how they die from a previous post of mine on the Astronomy topic:

The Crab Nebula which contains the remnants of a supernova explosion that happened over 1,000 years ago.

“The Universe (as we know it) started around 15 billion years ago with the Big Bang. This is no longer a wild theory but accepted science once the Cosmic Microwave Background was discovered. Matter condensed to form stars and through fusion, the matter was converted to Hydrogen, Helium and the rest of the elements on the periodic table. Stars go through a life cycle – they are born when they reach sufficient mass that causes them to ‘turn on’ and start fusion, they continue to burn and fuse elements deep inside their cores and then die in various ways which disperses the elements to the rest of the Cosmos. This life cycle is called Stellar Evolution and provides the explanation of life on Earth because after several generations, stars eventually fuse Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen which are the building blocks of life as we know it. Most likely, our Sun is at least a 2nd generation star, formed from the remnants of several 1st generation stars’ death. The dust cloud of our star’s birth contained the Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen that enabled life to form on Earth.”

We can view Mr. Breitbart’s life like a massive supernova explosion which dispersed the seeds of Conservatism to the rest of the Cosmos and eventually met up with other elements of Conservative thought from such heavyweights as William F. Buckley, Thomas Sowell and George Will.  Those elements combined in various, immeasurable areas to create other Conservative bloggers, journalists and politicians that are active today. 

I, for one, am a byproduct of those previous giants whose shoulders I am now standing and while I’m no critically acclaimed politico, I am doing what I can in the small arena I occupy to spread the Conservative message and I hope you do the same!

I like to think that the combination of two recent events: Obama’s recent appalling attempted shakedown of a private sector group (the Koch brothers) and the untimely passing of Mr. Breitbart will re-energize the Conservative base and align us at this most critical time.  The Liberal assault on American values is at an all time high so let’s pick up the sword of Mr. Breitbart and all do our part to continue the fight even if most of us only contain a small portion of the energy that he demonstrated every day.

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