A Week Off The Grid

While the rest of America was pouring over the details of recent SCOTUS decisions on Obamacare and Arizona immigration reform, my family was recharging our batteries at a lake house with no Wi-Fi or 3G cell coverage.  In other words, we were officially off the grid for 7 full days!

I’ll admit it, it was tough not getting up to the minute updates from my favorite sites like Red State, Hot Air, The Wall Street Journal, The Foundry and yes, even NPR.  I missed the real time feedback to breaking news stories from Twitter and providing my two cents worth via this blog and my own twitter updates. 

Political junkies thrive on the daily, no hourly, updates from the blogoshphere, Twitterverse, TV news and the internet and I’m no different.  We need these updates to provide fodder for conversations on these online media outlets as well as conventional conversation tools such as the company water cooler.

It’s tough for a political junky to ditch current events for a week but I am thankful for this time each year that my family uses to recharge our batteries.  It’s good for a family to spend their waking hours for a whole week devoted to only the interaction of each other and not the TV, news coverage and sports coverage. 

We choose different venues for this each year and this year we chose Lake Norris in Tennessee and we could not have been happier.  If you’re looking for a great lake house getaway, I suggest you point your Google search to the Secluded Lynch Hollow Lagoon property (Phil Day owner) via Robin Conley Property Management.  We were extremely pleased and I highly recommend them.

I encourage all to take at least one week a year away from work, current events and other stresses that distract us from our primary responsibility-> our family.

Here are some pics from the vacation:


 There was a new invention that I discovered this week that is perfect for floating in the lake with your favorite beverage, called the “Broodle”, and has a magnetic attachment that keeps your beverage Koozie attached to the “noodle” that you can float on.  A must for any beach or lake vacation! 

I’ll give myself a day to decompress and catch up and then it is back to WAR!  Consevatives need to fight harder in the coming months than ever before and I am recharged and ready to assume my position on the front lines!

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2 Responses to A Week Off The Grid

  1. Mom says:

    So pretty, so glad you could get rest and enjoy family, nothing like it. Love u.

  2. Great pics, and great suggestion.

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