Obama Didn’t Change That

President Obama admitted today that his first term as President has been a complete failure based on the critera set forth by himself and that he’ll be a failure as long as he remains President of the United States.

“The fact that we haven’t been able to change the tone in Washington is dissapointing,” Obama said, in response to a question about his greatest failure. “The most important lesson I’ve learned is you can’t change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside.”

Remember that during Obama’s 2008 campaign he said that he was going to “fundamentally transform America” but now he admits he can’t even change a city. A Presidential candidate that campaigned on Hope and Change now admits that he is powerless to change anything about Washington and that change can’t come from within DC.

So to sum up – a) Obama failed to fulfill his primary campaign promise and b) he already predicts further failure if given 4 more years because you can’t change Washington from inside (by the way, you don’t get more “inside” Washington than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue).

If Obama is really interested in change and since he just admitted that you can’t change Washington from within, I have a simple question for Obama. Why are you still running for a second term? Just quit and go affect that change on the outside.

At a minimum, this quote from Obama amounts to someone admitting defeat while still pandering for your vote but here is what really upsets me about his statement. Obama’s words today are ones typically uttered by cowards, wimps and those with small minds. Let me explain….

No matter how high you rise in your profession, you’ll always have a boss that you’ll need to satisfy. Even CEO’s of major corporations answer to the share holders and the Board of Directors and if the CEO isn’t doing what they expect, he is fired. Even Presidents of the United States have a boss since they answer to the American citizens and POTUS can be impeached by Congress if the need arises.

What just happened today was that POTUS got up in front of his boss (the American citizens who saw the interview), admitted that he had not only failed to solve the problems he was hired to fix but (and this is the clincher) he is incapable of solving these problems (because he is inside Washington) and he wants 4 more years in his current job. What would happen if you went into your boss’ office today and told him that you have failed to achieve all your most important goals, you intend to fail at them in the future and you should continue to keep your job?

The most analogous job in the Business world that compares with POTUS is the CEO of a company and if a CEO stood before the Board of Directors and freely admitted that he was incapable of solving the company’s problems then he would be rightfully fired that very day. What good is a leader who can’t lead an organization to highlight problems and solve them? He is worthless.

Poor, pitiful, victim Obama can’t keep his promises because there are too many mean people in Washington who won’t get behind him. Make no mistake, that’s really what he was trying to say here and that is the typical utterance of a person who is incapable of leading.

We have all had jobs where we needed to influence the organization but we had to do it by working with those who either weren’t on our team or didn’t directly report to us. A good leader finds ways to facilitate change in an organization and works with those who oppose him to reach a compromise or get others to adopt his policies. There are leaders in companies all over America who do this every day and many of them don’t even have a typical leadership job title!

Only those who think small and choose to play blame games throw up their hands and surrender when they encounter opposition. Obama deserves to be fired on November 6th!

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2 Responses to Obama Didn’t Change That

  1. Just another reason for him to go, partner.

    I just can’t vote fast enough….

  2. “Obama’s words today are ones typically uttered by cowards, wimps and those with small minds.”

    I concur! The dude is trying so hard to lose and idiots in the media keep trying to lift him up, no matter how outrageous his actions. He should have kept that statement between himself and his God, if he even knows one.

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