What Liberals Really Want (Part 2)

(See here for Part 1)

If you ever doubted that true Leftist ideology was bad for America, then Katrina vanden Heuvel’s (@KatrinaNation) blog post last week in The Nation should remove any shred of doubt you had.

Obama has been ducking concern over his comments supporting a redistribution of wealth (taxing the successful and funneling the money to those on government assistance) but Ms. vanden Heuvel thinks Redistribution is too timid and instead she favors something called “Pre-distribution.”  What is Pre-Distribution?  You can read the whole article but here are the money quotes from the piece (emphasis mine):

“Critiquing what he calls mere “pity-charity liberalism,” Nation contributor and Roosevelt Institute fellow Mike Konczal last year framed the question this way:”

Do we more aggressively set up the rules to favor some outcomes over others, or do we emphasize making markets “free”…and then deal with bad outcomes after the fact? Do we want unions and regulations to create workplaces designed for human dignity, or do we let the dice roll as they may and compensate people after the fact through transfers?”

“Indeed, there’s no good reason for government to just sit back, let one-percenters beat up employees and customers, and then try to mitigate the harm with redistribution”

There you have it!  “Pre-Distribution” has its core belief that Government should be MORE involved in our lives and especially with regard to day-to-day business in the Private sector.  By all means, let’s have Unions setting all workplace rules and let’s abandon the Free Market and trust the Federal Government pick the winners and losers by funding companies that they choose.

If we adopted Ms. vanden Heuvel’s policies we’d have no manufacturing in the country because Unions and Regulations would see to it that no meaningful work could ever take place and companies would be forced to move outside the country.  Those who work in the Private sector (and especially manufacturing) know that we are already seeing the effects of Unions and over regulation so if we want to turn the whole country into a giant Flint Michigan, then keep voting for Leftists.  For further reading, follow this link to see what happened in Michigan when Unions were allowed free run of the place.

Do we need more examples of how government regulations are destroying business in the United States?  Do we need more examples showing how woefully inadequate the Federal Government performs when picking winners and losers?  Chevy Volt, Solyndra, Banking crisis, Cash for Clunkers and the 2009 Stimulus are all examples of the Federal Government interfering with the “invisible hand” of the Free Market and in the end, it was the US Citizens that got smacked.

To someone like Ms. vanden Heuvel, who was born into luxury, educated in an Ivy League school and spent her entire career in publishing, Pre-Distribution might sound like the perfect solution to all of America’s problems but to Americans who have worked in the Private sector, managed businesses, innovated, built wealth and stimulated the economy, Pre-Distribution sounds just like Socialism.  Make no mistake about it, Pre-Distribution is just a fancy word for Socialism and history (even recent history) has already shown us what a pitiful failure that system is.

Is there any doubt what a disaster the United States will turn into if Leftists are allowed full reign of our Federal Government?  Do not be ignorant about this – Leftists want nothing less than full Socialism for this country.  Don’t let them succeed!  Vote!

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  1. One day a computer programmed with the U.S. Constitution and rudimental logic will replace the office of the presidency.

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