Are You Willing To Dream Again?

The following video from Dan Stevers, was shown at the beginning of my church’s worship service today and I found it incredibly inspirational and motivational.  I hope you do to.

The text of the video is below and a link to the video is at the bottom.

Every kid dreams about big adventures.

But at some point the dream dies.

We settle for less.

Blend in.

And put up walls.

“Welcome to the real world, kid.”

But you were created for more.

You are a child of God.

You were created for an extraordinary life.

A life like Jesus’

You were meant to change the world.

You were created for an earth shaking life.

Full of compassion.

Overflowing with God’s love.

God became Man to live among us.

He directly involved himself in the world’s brokenness.

And so must we.

Jesus cared for the broken.

The sick.

The poor.

And so can we.

Jesus came to get messy.





And so should we.

Are you willing to trust God?

Are you willing to dream again?

Are you willing to change the world?



The link to the video (for purchase) is here.

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5 Responses to Are You Willing To Dream Again?

  1. tannngl says:

    That vid is amazing! And its truths hit home hard. Thanks.

  2. Pingback: Are you willing to dream again? Reblogged from Cosmoscon | tannngl

  3. REALLY nice vid, Cosmo. A wonderful and inspirational thought for today…and every day.
    Much appreciated, partner!

    ***BTW: this video is on YouTube, IF you wished to embed it here.
    Just an FYI, obviously.

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