New Leftist Rule

In case you missed it, there is a new Leftist rule that Conservatives should understand and invoke at appropriate times.

New Leftist Rule – You are NOT accountable for the actions of a company, network or other entity unless you are an official full time employee.

New Leftist Corollary – If you are just a ‘contributor’ to a company, network or other entity then you have ZERO accountability for the actions of that particular company, network or other entity.

And this new law has been validated by suuuuuuper genius Ezra Klein.

ezraklein contributor

Ezra Klein has been blogging and tweeting links over the past few days telling us how unions are great and Right-To-Work Legislation is bad (here, here, here and here) and when he’s asked if one of the businesses that contributes to his income has union workers, he replies that he has no idea because, after all, he’s just a ‘contributor’ or something.

So the next time a Leftist takes a jab at a Fox News ‘contributor’ over something Fox News or their parent News Corporation does, refer them to the Ezra Klein Rule.

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5 Responses to New Leftist Rule

  1. Wow, Cosmo.

    So, according to Ezra: rich, greedy capitalists are supposed to know where every dollar of their investment money (in hundreds of sub-accounts, which change daily or weekly, and are managed by a brokerage house) goes AND the political correctness (e.g. “baby seal fur”? Bad. “Harvesting human embryos for research”? Good.) of each , ….
    He’s not supposed to know if his very own parent company is unionized or not, because he’s just a “contributor”?

    Good to know. Got it.

  2. --Rick says:

    I would be shocked were Mr. Klein’s personal responsibility standard were any different.

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  4. I guess that’s why Romney’s investments in Bain meant he “owned” Sensata, while Obama had no involvement with Sensata despite his retirement funds invested in Bain. Got it. Thanks for writing this!

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