He Is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

Allow me to share 3 songs that have spoken to me this Holy Week.

Glad – The Easter Song

It’s an old song from the early 1990’s by the acapella group Glad and it was one of the first songs I sang in college when I joined my church choir.  We didn’t do it justice and really I doubt anyone can but the guys who sing it here.

Chris Tomlin – I Will Rise

This is my standard song I listen to when I need that spiritual booster shot in the arm and it never fails to put me in the right condition to listen to the Holy Spirit.

The Avett Brothers – The Ballad of Love and Hate

These guys are one of my favorite bands and while they aren’t necessarily a Christian band, this week I was listening to this song during a run and it occurred to me that this song has a double meaning.  At first listening, the song appears to be the love story between a patient woman who unconditionally loves a man who does all he can to push her away.  Other people recognize the goodness of the woman but apparently the object of her love ignores her and continues down a destructive road until he finally accepts the love of the woman.

That sounds like another love story about the Creator of the Universe who time and time again patiently forgives our attempts to reject Him and only after He sends His Son to pay the ultimate sacrifice do we finally realize the Savior has been there all along, waiting on us.

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1 Response to He Is Risen!

  1. Now i have ” I will Rise” as my LSS (last song syndrome) before bed. Awesome choices, thanks for sharing these:) Happy Resurrection Day!

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