Kentucky Derby 2013


I’ll be scarce over the weekend but ‘weep no more my lady’ for me – I’ll be drinking Mint Juleps and running the betting window at our annual Kentucky Derby Party.

If your only knowledge of the Kentucky Derby is 2 minutes during the first Saturday in May, allow me to educate you with a previous post.

If you want to check out some live tweeted party photos, follow me on twitter @gdthomp01 or check out my Kentucky Derby Party Hashtag #cosmosconKDP.

My predictions – Exacta Box 9 (Overanalyze) – 16 (Orb) and put 5 (Normandy Invasion) in with them on a Trifecta Box.

Hope you have the winning horse!

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1 Response to Kentucky Derby 2013

  1. My knowledge of the Derby doesn’t even rise to ‘rudimentary’, so I can’t comment on the race itself.
    (***Hey, it’s the NHL playoffs: there IS nothing else for me until that’s all said and done!)

    Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the festivities, Cosmo!

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