State Run Media “Slips Up” On Polar Ice

polar bear

In this NPR story about a trip to remote Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean, the SRM censors let something slip out that will not make the AGW cult very happy.

“There’s really only 2 ways to get there, by helicopter or by Russian ice breaker.  We went by ice breaker, mashed through a bunch of ice, took us a while to get there.”

“There was a record amount of ice in that part of the arctic that particular summer.  One of the reasons people have been going to Wrangel of late is to see the polar bears who have been going to Wrangel because there’s no ice but this year there was ice.”

Note that these quotes were left off the written story on the NPR website but you can listen to the story (By clicking on the link at the top of the NPR page) and get the above quotes starting at the 0:45 and 1:50 marks.

I guess that’s another AGW meme that’s been destroyed.  It must sting all the more because it was broadcasted by one of their closest supporters.

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4 Responses to State Run Media “Slips Up” On Polar Ice

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    C’mon NPR! Learn to STICK with the narrative!

  2. “Arctic ice? Never heard of it…”
    –Charlie Gibson

    • livinrightinpgh says:

      Add THAT to the ever-growing list of “Things Unknown by Charlie Gibson”….

      • Ahhh, good ol’ Charlie…

        That quote of his (back from the Acorn scandal in 2009, as I recall) just never seems to get old.

        And they wonder why “Trust in the Media” is at an all-time low??

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