How Leftists Really Feel About Obama’s IRS-gate

This story is getting worse by the hour and now it appears even top IRS management knew about the unfair treatment Conservative 501(c)(4) organizations received as Liberal applications sailed through.  Surely even Leftists would be outraged at this, right?


Thanks to Adam Kotsko (@AdamKotsko) for showing us how Leftists really feel about the latest Obama administration scandal:

He asked for more clarification so I gave it to him:

His response:

I would’ve expected more from a college professor but then again, he’s a Leftists so they mainly deal in emotions and run and hide (or in this case blocks me and protects his Twitter account) when they’re forced to back up their claims.

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5 Responses to How Leftists Really Feel About Obama’s IRS-gate

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    Obviously, Professor Kotsko would be all for an IRS audit of Jesse Jackson’s various “organizations”, too, right? After all, we KNOW there were fraudulent acts there! Yet, it you want to audit JJ’s records, you’re a racist.

    The inconsistency of their thinking reveals who they truly are…..

  2. tannngl says:

    Nice tweeting, Cosmoscon.

  3. Example #1,324,844 of liberal logic inconsistency, …and I’ve only been counting for the last couple of weeks.

    To your point, such a lack of wit on Twitter from the Left is pretty common, Cosmo, as you’ve seen so often. Liberals (ESPECIALLY on campus) are used to operating within friendly confines, and don’t seem to be prepared to spar intelligently with an ideological opponent. Anyone who disagrees with them is either shouted down, or shunned.
    And from what I have observed personally, this characteristic seems to apply doubly to Liberal Professors.

    When seen in THAT context, Kotsko’s response of “Blah…” probably qualifies him as the PJ O’Rourke of his campus.

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  5. --Rick says:

    Some professors on the left are like black holes; they suck everything in but instead of turning out a useful product on the other side, they seem to only be able to propagate doom, gloom and destruction of critical thinking. This gentleman is certainly black hole like and certainly has not produced one iota of wit or intellectual seeds for future growth.

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