Scandalpalooza – Focus On The Real Villain

While Benghazi was still boiling, IRS-gate and DoJ/AP-gate broke this week and it’s very tempting to use these scandals to hammer Obama or (as some have hinted) gin up impeachment charges against The One. As much as I love railing on Obama and as wonderful as his impeachment sounds, making Obama the primary target of these scandals is the worst thing we can do.

Do not spend time focusing on the symptoms or pawns in these scandals but instead go after the main problem. Remember that the primary villain in these scandals is NOT Obama. The primary villain is Liberalism and that is the target we should focus on during the coming months/years. We have a chance to deal a major blow to Liberalism and we’d miss that opportunity if we focused solely on Obama as the only villain in these scandals.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be great if we could find a traceable link to any of these scandals to Obama himself and if he is directly tied to the IRS scandal then that is definitely an impeachable offense. But if we rush to blame only Obama for these scandals then we might miss our window to affect real change by delivering a devastating blow to Liberalism.

Focusing solely on Obama also runs the risk of giving Liberals a scapegoat during the midterm elections. These scandals will have staying power and will be around during November 2014 so We need to show the American voters that Liberalism is the villain that brought about these scandals and the only way to fix it is to vote more Conservatives in and more Liberals out during the midterms. If Conservatives make the scandals all about Obama then the public will view this as a silly grudge Republicans have against Obama and won’t pay the scandals much attention.

Now imagine if evidence does come out that shows a direct link between Obama and these scandals and forces his resignation or an impeachment proceeding. Sounds good, right? Yes that would be good but if the impeachment comes about because we focused solely on Obama then we might have won the battle but lost the opportunity to win the war. If we oblige the Left and put all the blame on Obama then the Liberals will still peddle their snake oil to an unsuspecting voter who thinks the scandals were the fault of just one person – “It was just that rat Obama” – and not the ideology of Liberalism.

It is my feeling that Obama didn’t participate directly in the IRS and AP scandals and while I think his administration did participate heavily in writing the talking points for Benghazi, none of that is really impeachable. If we waste all our time focusing just on demonizing Obama (in hopes of generating Impeachment charges that can stick) we lose sight of the bigger demon – Liberalism. Republican leaders should get in front of microphones every day and tell how these scandals serve as an example of what happens when Liberals allow the Federal Government to grow too large.

Even diehard Leftists realize that Big Government is to blame for these scandals. If regular communication meetings were held with the DoJ and the IRS then their shenanigans would’ve been discovered much earlier but as David Axelrod stated:

“Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself and for once I’m in complete agreement with Mr. Axelrod! The problem is that our Federal Government is too damn big! And which political ideology preaches Big Government? That’s right, Liberalism.

These scandals are exactly what were predicted to happen when a Government gets too big and too powerful. The Government no longer is subject to the people but instead the people are subject to the Government. This is not the way it is supposed to be!

It seems a majority of Americans (including Low Information Voters) require, say once a generation, a far Left President to show them just how terrible Liberal policies are. We saw in the late 70’s with Carter just how inept a Liberal was in combating the USSR in the Cold War and fostering a pro-Business climate. You saw how effective Reagan was in placing the blame at the feet of Liberalism not just Jimmy Carter. Now Americans are getting another education as we see the results of a Big Government that was a direct result of Liberal policy from Obama, Pelosi and Reid. How ironic is it that this Big Government that Obama so adores may be his downfall (and possibly deal a serious blow to all Democrats)?

If the Conservatives don’t use these scandals to attack the real villain, Liberalism, then we have no excuse in the future. We have the byproducts of Liberalism/Big Government served up to us like an underhanded pitch and all we have to do is knock it out of the park.

Now is the best time we’ll ever have to push for the Fair Tax system that will eliminate the IRS as we know it and prevent this far overreaching organization from more jack booted thuggery. We have very little time to waste because Obamacare implementation is coming in 2014 and right now the IRS is tagged with enforcing Obamacare rules. Let’s neuter the IRS office and ride the anti-IRS wave to repeal Obamacare or at least gut its funding.

We won’t be able to do this without a change in the Senate but the mid-terms are just around the corner and we can finally turn this ship around if we stay focused on the big picture and keep attacking the main villain – Liberalism.

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6 Responses to Scandalpalooza – Focus On The Real Villain

  1. You are indeed right, Cosmo. Obama is just the latest purveyor of the destructive ideology called Progressivism or Liberalism.

  2. blaine says:

    Well said Cosmo!

    The only thing I would add is it’s a good time to remind people that liberals are dangerous because they believe the laws they pass don’t apply to them because, well, they’re liberal and their hearts are in the right place, especially when they are spending other peoples money.

    Anyone remember Hillary Clinton getting her hands on the FBI files of the White House Travel Office employees before she had them fired? Anyone remember Vince Foster and his missing files?

    In the immortal words of Hillary Clinton in her testimony on Benghazi, “Who Cares?”

    Liberals are counting on their low information voting constituents not caring because if they don’t pay taxes, why would they?

  3. I’m 80% sure they’re won’t be any kind of impeachment – part of the reason is that level-headed Republicans won’t want to associate themselves with the whackos who’ve called for Obama’s impeachment from literally Day 1.

    I agree that we shouldn’t focus solely on the President, but for a different reason. Our goal should be to find out who’s responsible, if anyone, and discipline them to the fullest extent. And if that person turns out to NOT be the President, it would be both malicious and quixotic to still go after him.

    People will reject liberalism when they see that conservatives stand for truth, fairness, and integrity, not political point-scoring.

  4. tannngl says:

    Why can’t we do both?
    The president and this administration are the cause of all of this abuse to citizens. Their ideology is terribly flawed. Can’t the conservatives in govt pin this on the president AND show that his ideology is the cause?

    • First of all, amen Cosmoscon! We have to be careful to not put excessive emphasis on Obama himself, because liberals’ strong suit is the race card. The more we can de-personalize the critique, the less credible liberals’ defense looks.

      It’s not exactly either-or, but it would be great if more conservatives performed this “political judo” that Cosmoscon is so good at. Pin your political opponents with his own premises.

  5. William S. Williams says:

    But though anyone who listened to White House spokesman Jay Carney or Attorney General Eric Holder tap dance their way through brutal press conferences today might be forgiven for thinking this presidency is tottering, the administration’s seemingly clueless efforts to deflect blame may be an indication of confidence that this rough patch can be ridden out without serious long-term damage being inflicted on Obama’s ability to govern or his legacy. Though the media is up in arms over these scandals, especially the government’s snooping on the AP, the president seems to think his magic touch with the media hasn’t worn off. Is he right?

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