Different Rules For Liberals

I recently broke my Facebook rule about engaging with my Liberal friends when they post BS and I am contemplating rescinding that rule altogether!

Here’s what started it:

fb 1Note – All names (including my own) will be redacted on the Facebook screenshots.  It’s not fair to them to have their real names shared without their permission and I’m not anxious to give radical Leftists any hints to my real identity.

This Lib was obviously very upset with the recent revelation of Paula Deen’s past racism and while I certainly don’t condone the comments she and her family recently gave in a deposition, I couldn’t help notice that the Facebook post left off the recent homophobic tweeting of Alec Baldwin.  I decided to poke the bear and have a little fun.

fb 2That inspired another rant where my Facebook friend admitted there are different rules for “pro-equality” Liberals.

fb 3This little rant does a great job of revealing how Liberals feel about Republicans and Conservatives.  Liberals see themselves as intellectually superior and are interested in equality for all so their racist comments don’t have the same meaning as those coming from Neanderthal, fascist Republicans.

By her own admission, she’s not interested in facts.  She’s more interested in perceptions that are based on her worldview and stereotypical view of Republicans.  That’s par for the course with most Liberals I know.

Notice also that she didn’t know about the Alec Baldwin Twitter rant.  My Leftist friend here is usually very current with news/politics so there are only two explanations why she hadn’t heard about this – 1) She only gets her news from Left leaning sites who would never cover the Alec Baldwin story  or 2) The State Run Media did a great job of covering up the Alec Baldwin story which was in contrast to the wall-to-wall coverage on the Paula Deen story.

My parting shot came with this:

fb 4Her whole argument about how Liberals should get more forgiveness for their hate speech falls apart once it is revealed that Paula Deen is actually a Democrat and a huge supporter of Obama.  She seemingly admits that she knew that but if that’s the case, then why didn’t Deen get a free pass too?  Because the perception among many is that Paula Deen is a Republican since she’s an old, white, racist woman.

There was a time when I avoided political confrontation on Facebook but I can no longer do that.  I have many Leftist friends that I will no longer give a free pass to when I see them post non-sense.  It’ll lead to many of them de-friending me but so be it.  They have to be called out in a public forum.

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3 Responses to Different Rules For Liberals

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    It would be laughable, if not so tragic. Having done the same thing to ridiculous comments on Facebook, I’ve not only been “un-friended”, but have watched, sadly, as these formerly so called “friends” no longer stay in touch, don’t reply to emails, and won’t take calls. So be it. If being their “friend” means I don’t have the right to my own opinion, and to proclaim FACTS over inane rhetoric, then it IS time to move on. I applaud you, Cosmo, for finally having ENOUGH! More folks need to do the same.

  2. tannngl says:

    You’ve made a very good decision. I believe it’s called being ‘salt’ and ‘light’. I find it difficult. But I believe God’s speaking to me on this very subject.

  3. Alix says:

    Me too. I used to stay away from politics but think it a duty now to explain our side. Have been defriended by husband’s cousin for explaining my position in a nice way with no attacking. He attacked me as ‘heartless’, could not factually argue…

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