When bad astronomers play ‘claimatologists’

The Vostok Ice Core data and the revelation about the Hockey Stick being rigged should’ve been the death to the AGW cult lies. Unfortunately for us, the AGW cult depends on the ignorance of the average person to reach graphs and understand math/science. Let’s prove them wrong – Read this, share it and bookmark it!

Watts Up With That?

Dr. Matt Ridley writes:
My recent WSJ article got a reaction from Slate:

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2 Responses to When bad astronomers play ‘claimatologists’

  1. Gold Price says:

    You’re looking for answers like: “twenty years of no warming”, “temperatures returning to 1970 levels”, or “no atmospheric warming 10km above the tropics”. Any answer that can be proved wrong is scientific in nature. It may be outlandish, “it’ll take an ice age”, but it’s at least a point to start discussing the likelyhood that carbon plays a major role in our climate today.

  2. The evidence is mounting and it is exposing Al Gore and his cult for the frauds they are. But what about the danger of pointing people in exactly the wrong direction? Maybe when the fraud is exposed he and his cronies will be prosecuted. Here is an article about the coming ice age. The two excerpts are the beginning and end. Be sure to read it all.

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