Rules For Thee But Not For Me!


There was an interesting exchange on NPR’s Morning Edition today that highlighted the Leftist’s hypocrisy.

David Greene was talking to Cokie Roberts and here was the first part of the interview:

GREENE: Yeah, I wanted to ask you this morning, the president – while he was in Africa last week – a key part of the federal health care law, it was announced, was postponed until after the 24th election. What kind of impact this is having?

ROBERTS: Well, Democrats are happy because it means that the part of the law which mandates that employers have to cover their workers – if they have more than 50 workers, a tough part of the law to enforce – that that won’t go into effect until after they get through the next election cycle.

Important point #1 – Ms. Roberts admits that the President’s postponement of the employer mandate was a purely political one to help defend the Democrat’s seats in Congress during the mid term elections.

The next exchange centers on Mr. Greene’s confusion as to why the immigration reform legislation will be stalled in the House.

GREENE: Why no sense of urgency? I mean President Obama is set to go campaigning for immigration reform. Even a lot of Republican supporters, I mean, the business community, evangelical groups are pushing for it. Why no pressure? Why is the House leadership not feeling pressure?

ROBERTS: Well, because they think their biggest job is to hold on to the one government body they control in Washington – the House of Representatives. If they lose that, they lose all power in Washington. And they’re worried that the immigration bill could harm them there. They’re just not sure that passing that bill will make it possible for them to have an easy hold on the House of Representatives; and that is their primary concern.

Important point #2 – Ms. Roberts makes the claim that Republicans are stonewalling the immigration reform legislation to hold onto their seats in the House.  According to Ms. Roberts, this is there ‘primary’ concern in preventing a vote on this bill.

Notice the difference?  Not enforcing a law on the books is good for Democrats because it allows them to keep their seats in Congress but not passing a new law is bad because the mean ole Republicans are only interested in holding onto their seats in the House.

Really, the Leftists aren’t even trying to hide their double standards anymore.

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3 Responses to Rules For Thee But Not For Me!

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    The duplicity is mind-boggling…..unfortunately, HALF of this Nation doesn’t care and doesn’t pay attention. The Left has been MASTERFUL at the art of dumbing down a huge portion of our society and turned them into a bunch of beggars and slaves.

  2. blaine says:

    I’m not a big fan of Cokie but I don’t see it as a the double standard you do.

    I see it as a fair analysis that the President and Congress are doing what they perceive to be in their interests to get reelected.

    Cokie is of course correct in that analysis irrespective of the merits of enforcing a law Obama swore an oath on Lincoln’s Bible to uphold or Congress passing a new law that will harm the country.

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