New PR Tactic For Obamacare

Last week Obama presented a new tactic for getting people to love Obamacare.

From the White House transcript from 18-JUL-2013 (emphasis mine):

“It’s hard. This is a big country, and the health care industry is massive and there are tons of providers. And so as we implement, there are going to be glitches and there are going to be certain states that for political reasons are resisting implementation. And we’re just steadily working through all that stuff.”

“The same was true when Medicare was started. The same was true when Social Security got started. There were folks who, for political reasons, resisted implementation. But once it got set up, people started saying, this is a pretty good deal; it gives me a little more security. It’s part of that basic bargain that if you work hard, if you’re doing the right thing, that you can get ahead in this country — and that you can provide some basic protections for your family.”

So the new PR tactic is this – Once Obamacare gets going it will be “a pretty good deal” for the American people, just like Social Security is.

I wrote an earlier post about the ticking time bomb of unsustainable entitlement spending that is the Social Security program and you can see from this graph what the predicted outlays are for this program if we don’t reform it now.

ss graphIf Obama is saying that Obamacare will be as good a deal as Social Security and if by ”good deal” he means uncontrolled spending then I’ll have to agree with him!

Really, telling folks that Obamacare will be just like Social Security is pitiful.  Social Security along with Welfare need immediate attention if we ever have hopes of reducing our debt and now Obama is telling us once Obamacare gets going we’ll then have 3 huge uncontrollable entitlement nightmares to deal with.

Great sales job buddy.

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2 Responses to New PR Tactic For Obamacare

  1. tannngl says:

    He and his administration are pulling out all of the stops to get people registered and INTO the program. They know that one enough people are IN there will be NO TURNING BACK.

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    Once again, they prey on the ignorance of the average citizen. You know….those who actually THINK there is a “Social Security Lock Box? Please open that box and look inside, will ya? You need to see that all there is in the box is a BUNCH of I.O.U.’s…..

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