Poverty Rate and the Failure of Liberal Policy

You only need to look at two graphs to prove the failure of Liberal policies.

First, from Heritage, we see the amount of money our Federal and State Governments spends on Welfare programs to reduce poverty in the US.

welfare spendingSecond, from here, we see the poverty rate in the US since 1960.

poverty rateSpending has grown exponentially but the poverty rate has been flat lined at around 11%.

Why are we still throwing money at this problem?

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5 Responses to Poverty Rate and the Failure of Liberal Policy

  1. I think Potus let the cat out of the bag on his African vacation, when he said, “If everyone had a higher standard of living with a car, air conditioning and a big house the planet will ‘boil over’.” I took that to mean liberals thrive on a growing lower class and in fact wouldn’t mind at all if everyone was poor except for themselves, of course. And, what good are these programs anyway, other than keeping people in poverty and attracting more of them.

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    Keep ’em poor, and keep ’em needing Big Daddy Gubmint. Welfare is nothing more than sanctioned slavery.

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