Have We Reached The End Game For The US?

We have able body Americans who could work but choose to live a life of leisure while getting handouts from the US Government.

This has to be the point of no return.

We have roughly 47 million people in the US signed up for Food Stamps and around 4 million of them have no dependents and are fully capable of working.

Welfare is unsustainable but the people who get the free handouts now represent a significant amount of the voting public so we are now at the point where the takers can outvote the makers.

I think I finally have to admit that Liberals have won the fight over the education of American citizens.  Conservatives have lost.  The dumbing down of the American electorate is almost complete.

It’s useless to provide charts and graphs showing how Federal Spending as a percent of GDP is on an upward trajectory that leads to Greece.  There’s no need to show how the US Poverty Rate has remained basically unchanged for 50 years even though Welfare spending has skyrocketed.  Most people won’t understand how Obamacare is incentivizing business to cut hours which will put more people into the part-time category or worse, force them to join the millions out of work and signing up for Government assistance.

Too many people now believe the Federal Government exists to provide for their everyday needs.  Individual accountability is a foreign concept to much of the electorate and the idea of entrepreneurship is outdated and discouraged in this high tax/high regulatory environment.

There is no hope to turn this around outside of a revolution.  We are now just managing the decline and waiting for the inevitable collapse.

Enjoy the ride folks.

h/t Heritage

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6 Responses to Have We Reached The End Game For The US?

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    It’s sad…..heck, it’s TRAGIC. Today’s welfare system is the modern version of slavery, only this time it’s on the government “plantation”. On one hand, it gets kudos for being truly non-discriminatory, as it focuses NOT on anyone’s color, just on the lazy side of our humanity. For that group that is TRULY in need (elderly, disabled, etc), it’s a real shame that what we COULD be doing for them is diminished by the leaches in our society.

    Frankly, I think the inevitable collapse you envision is what it’s going to take before REAL solutions and standards are enacted.

    • cosmoscon says:

      Yep, I lost hope of a gentle correction after the 2012 elections. I hope I’m wrong but I think it’ll take a collapse to wake people up. In the mean time we fight on!

      Keep up the awesome posts over at your blog!

  2. tannngl says:

    I’ve felt that way, Cosmoscon.
    But I refuse to give in.
    On the local level we have made real strides in changing a blue county to RED. And these people are real money pinching, independence loving conservatives. Not rinos.
    On the state level there are more Republican governors than in a long while. And on the national scene Cruz, Paul and Lee are true conservatives with backbone. They have not been watered down yet and seem strongly verbal, actually ACTING on their beliefs. Actually representing us.
    And the number of people on govt subsistence is not the true measure of the handout generation. A number are truly in hard times and remain conservative in their stance.
    NOPE, I will not give up yet.

    • cosmoscon says:

      Yes, we should never give up and don’t take this blog post as a white flag because I have 2 kids and I can’t give up. I’ll still fight hard, just cynical that we’ll reach a solution without an inevitable collapse. Conservatives must be here to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

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