Youth Are Losing Their Freedom – Willingly

It doesn’t take a law passed by Congress or a DOJ investigation to remove Freedom from an individual. Sometimes there are subtle ways to convince the individual that they don’t need a particular aspect of their Freedom.

It appears this is happening with Teenagers in the US right now.

NPR has a new series it started today where it looks at the changing car culture in the US and the first article focused on Teens and cars.

“When you’re a teenager, there are many things you desperately want to find: friends, fun, a future, freedom.”

“In American Graffiti, the iconic movie about teenagers set in 1962, the kids find all of that just by getting in their cars. The teenagers spend a whole lot of time tooling around in their cars — looking, cruising.”

Amen to that! I couldn’t wait to turn 16 so I could get a job, earn a paycheck and more importantly buy a car so I could go where I wanted when I wanted. I loved my parents when I was in High School but there were times where I just had to get out of the house and I’m sure they were glad to see me go more than a few of those times.

But now?

“Celene Murrillo and her friends were among the many teens getting dropped off at the movie. Murrillo is 19, and she doesn’t have a driver’s license.”

“If there was something that was out there forcing me to get out there and actually get my license I probably would,” she says. “But there’s, like, your parents, so you have something to depend on — and so maybe that’s why.

“She says her parents don’t mind dropping her off around town — and she doesn’t mind it either.”

“Blanca Correa, 16, doesn’t have a driver’s license, and she has no immediate plans to get one. “I’ve never actually thought it was that important,” she says.”

Pitiful! It appears the Liberal attempt at instilling the Nanny State into our Youth has worked.

Never actually thought it was that important?!?!?!? I’m in my 40’s but I still remember VIVIDLY how important it was to get my driver’s license. We stressed over the test and anxiously awaited each of our friends to report as they returned back from the driver’s exam. The more drivers we had then the more places we could go. We wouldn’t need our parents to take us camping, concerts, football games, the mall….you name it! Why would teens now be content with letting their parents shuttle them around?


To be fair, there was at least one person in the NPR story who got it – Megan Kurtz who was 20 years old:

“I better always have a car cause how else would you get places? I better have a car,” Kurtz says.”

But that was the only bright spot in the whole NPR piece. And it gets worse:

“Gilles says cruising just to cruise — even in Modesto — is a thing of the past. The young adults say wandering around your town has given way to documenting your life — on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Gilles says young people in Modesto definitely drive, but it’s with a different purpose.

“They’re not likely to just aimlessly go,” Gilles says.

“It has to be Instagram-worthy,” Clubb adds.

“It has to be worth their popularity,” Gilles says. “They have to cross an event off their list.”

Really? Teens have no desire just to take a road trip for no particular reason? It has to be Instagram-worthy or they don’t get in a car? I’d say half the things I did as a teen that would have been called “Instagram-worthy” involved driving a car somewhere and we had no plan where we were going or how it was going to end up.

Is getting a part time job, learning skills and preparing for adult life not worth doing because they aren’t Instagram-worthy? Apparently not.

I fear we may have already lost our youth and with them the country.

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2 Responses to Youth Are Losing Their Freedom – Willingly

  1. tannngl says:

    I had never thought of this as the loss of freedoms for our teens. And on retrospect, I think you’re right. It hit me when my niece, now 26, didn’t push to get her drivers license, not even her permit. She finally did when she was 20. TWENTY YEARS OLD!!!! Her dad was more than happy to driver her everywhere and wait ther for her.
    When I was 15 I was chomping at the bit to get my permit so I could drive. And when I passed my tests, I was on the road for whatever reason I could find. I did every errand my mom and dad needed done. Groceries, cleaners, dairy, taking my brother to little leagut or Boy Scouts. We lived on a farm without close neighbors and it was good to be able to be with other people, friends. I felt so free!!!!!!
    I think you’ve hit on a TRUTH. And I can see it leading to more freedom loss.

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