Let-It-Burn Won’t Work With Obamacare


I’m definitely in the Let-It-Burn camp with most current political/fiscal issues and feel that we’ve reached the point where Low Information Voters and Leftists have to learn the lesson the hard way that their policies only lead to ruin but with Obamacare I fear this tactic will not work.

It is quite tempting to hope that allowing the full force of Obamacare to kick in and eliminating sweet heart waivers will show people how ridiculous this law is and will lead them to reject Obamacare and Liberal philosophy en mass.

But hope is not a strategy and the regulations for Obamacare are so huge that I fear every day we allow this law to exist in its current form will make it more difficult to undo.

Every step we take down this Obamacare version of the Bataan Death March will move us closer to the UK’s National Health System (NHS) and just look at how well that is working.

The Medical Device Tax is already hurting businesses, causing layoffs and stifling innovation and thiis will only get worse.  Innovation is not something you can turn back on quickly and every year we de-incentivize companies to take risk in developing medical devices means many more years before we can restart that new product pipeline.

And once Obamacare’s failure is known to all do we really think the State Run Media will put the blame on Obama and Liberals?  Of course not.  They’ll make up some narrative about how it’s failing due to Republican propaganda or lack of increased requests for more funding.

I can appreciate the logic with the Let-It-Burn strategy but I don’t think this will work with Obamacare.  We need to kill it any way we can and right now the only approach is death by 1,000 cuts.  Kill this law a little at a time until the funding is gone and we starve the beast.

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6 Responses to Let-It-Burn Won’t Work With Obamacare

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    I shudder at the comments by the POTUS that somehow “The PPACA was voted on and approved by the Country in the Presidential election”. Were that the case, why would EVERY poll show a significant majority OPPOSE it? I’m not EVEN going to get into the “WHY’S” of why this man was elected, but for SURE it wasn’t so that PPACA could remain on the books.

    Further, it remains to be seen that even WITH the “low information” voters being educated on the MULTITUDE of shortfalls and problems with this law, if that would make ANY difference with them. There are any number of examples throughout history where a stand needed to be taken to stop something that would have long-term, damaging effects. THIS is another time where that action is needed.

    The House has passed a bill that would FUND the government (NO SHUTDOWN! So PLEASE QUIT LIEING LIBS!!!) and defund/postpone PPACA until that POS can be FULLY examined.

    Still, if it meant shutting down the entire government for people to wake up and take a serious look at Obamacare…..then SO BE IT.

  2. tannngl says:

    I fully agree with you Cosmoscon. This devil needs a stake through its heart. Now. And the majority seemed to agree for a little while.
    But, today Rasmussen shows that agreement has decreased from 51% to 46%.
    And the prez’s approval is up from mid 40’s to 52%. Republican approval is down to 38%. They were higher than the Dems but not now. Looks like the media and the prez’s speeches have changed the tide. Where is OUR voice?
    This makes me sick.

    • cosmoscon says:

      The State Run Media will always push the Obama agenda and we must resign to that fact. We have to influence people in other ways. Having the partial shutdown go on for weeks with no dire consequences will help our cause.

  3. --Rick says:

    I hope you are correct, but I suspect, and history points to those mean, over-zealous, over-religious, rich loving, poor bashing Republicans [caricatures they’ve allowed and sometimes helped Democrats to paint], that the shutdown will likely cost them any chance of gaining control over Dingy Harry and the Senate, and that they may have put the House at risk as well. The polls aren’t changing much and the Democrats are presenting this as Republicans who are willingly and heartless depriving the middle class of needed paycheck while trying to also deprive the parasitic poor of healthcare. tannngl is correct in that the combined forces of the media and the liberal side of the government is working effectively as a well oiled propaganda machine.

    • cosmoscon says:

      Correct Rick! This is why I’ve never been a fan of Republicans choosing a course of action that will ‘play well in the media.’ Republicans will never play well in the media so quit trying!

  4. Dane P. Love says:

    This weekend, the House of Representatives sent the Senate a continuing resolution to fund the government, plus amendments that delayed the Affordable Health Care Act for one year, and eliminated the 2.3 percent medical device tax.

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