Bob Schieffer Had A Sad

Apparently Bob is really upset that the State Run Media had to stop flogging Republicans over the Government Shutdown in order to cover this Obamacare failure.


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2 Responses to Bob Schieffer Had A Sad

  1. tannngl says:


    Maybe he’s sad because any of this state run media is reporting on the failures of ObamaCare? How did I never know in my earlier years that he was so progressive!!!!?????

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    Clearly, the abject FAILURE of Obamacare, both as a rollout and in its content, covereth a MULTITUDE of so-called “sins”…..

    I guess the BIG problem you have here Mr. Shieffer (may I call you “Bobby”?) is that the government shutdown you keep touting was recognized by the public as a matter of Democrats NOT being willing to even COMPROMISE (gasp! And normally they’re SO GOOD at WANTING that when they’re NOT in control) on Obamacare, as if its rollout and implementation were going to be the best thing since sliced bread. Now, the public looks at you and goes: “You shut down the government, kicked veterans OUT of the war memorial, held a rally for illegal immigrants in a place closed to the public, AND ALL OVER THIS DEBACLE OF A LAW????!!!!

    Ironically, we have to chock this one up to pure chutzpah and stupidity on the part of the Left, because not even the RINO’s could screw it up.

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