Welcome To The Hotel Obamacare

You can enroll anytime you like but you can never leave!

Team Obama will not want many more Obamacare horror stories like this to appear on NPR.

It’s bad enough that one of Alaska’s residents had to go through hell to even get enrolled:

“Anchorage hair stylist Lara Imler is one of the few who got through, as we previously reported. But Imler discovered problems with her application, and now she wants to cancel her enrollment.”

“I don’t even know how to feel about the whole thing anymore because I can’t even get anyone who has an answer to help,” she says. “It’s just such a lost cause at this point.”

But even after finally enrolling you can read that her insurance company never got her application and then there was discrepancies with her subsidy amount. And when she tried to call for help:

“When she called the HealthCare.gov hotline, no one could help her figure out what went wrong.”

This is no comfort to Ms. ilmer but it turns out everyone who signed up for Obamacare in Alaska had this same problem. Further more:

“It took two weeks for the federal Health and Human Services Department to resolve the issue. Since then, Enroll Alaska has signed up about 80 people in the marketplace. Chief Operating Officer Tyann Boling says half the people her insurance agents sit down with have tried to navigate HealthCare.gov on their own and given up.”

“This is not an easy process. I think even if this website was functioning at 100 percent this would not be an easy process,” Boling says. “This is complicated. If you click on one wrong thing, there’s no back buttons, it can be a really, really nasty process to go through.”

So an Insurance industry COO is basically telling us this system will always be complicated and difficult even if a magic wand is found to fix the Obamacare website.

And now here is where it gets really bad. Ms. Ilmer got so frustrated that she wanted to terminate her application and insurance plan through Obamacare. But when she tries to do that, she finds out the system won’t let her.

“”So you hit the terminate button. It says you’ve chosen to end the following coverage… you then have to check ‘I have fully read and understand that I’m choosing to terminate coverage,'” she says. “Then you click terminate again, and we’ll see what happens.”

“What happens is nothing. The health plan Imler signed up for is still listed in her profile. She logs out and then back in, and it looks exactly the same. She checks her e-mail for a notice of coverage termination and finds nothing there either. Imler leans back on the couch and looks surprisingly calm about the whole thing.”

“I’m resigned to the fact that it doesn’t work. No matter what I do, it just doesn’t work. And this is the improved website.”

How convenient! I’m sure the fact that you can enroll but never leave is not a glitch in the Obamacare website but instead a feature. That’s the goal of socialized medicine, get as many into the system and keep them there by any means necessary.

Yes low info voters, Welcome to the hotel Obamacare. You can enroll anytime you like but you can never leave!

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2 Responses to Welcome To The Hotel Obamacare

  1. Brought to you by the good folks at the IRS, the EPA, the FDA, and other agencies whose ideas are so great, they made ’em mandatory so you HAVE to ‘choose’ them….

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    And as bad as the website is, it pales in comparison to the debacle that is the ACA as a viable law. Only the Democrats could try to help the 20 – 30 million uninsured and end up RUINING healthcare for the ENTIRE country. WHEN will people ever get it through their heads that Liberalism ALWAYS generates the exact OPPOSITE of it’s stated intent??!!

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