A Peek Into Leftist Ideology

To those who are not blind to history, we know that fascism has its roots in the ideology of the Left (even though they try to deny it) so we must be on guard to see this behavior creep to the surface when the Left gets cocky or thinks we aren’t listening.

We saw an example of the Left’s true feelings bubbling to the surface this past weekend when Jezebel News Editor Erin Gloria Ryan (@morninggloria) sent out a tweet stating that she wished Scott Walker was dead instead of actor Paul Walker.

She eventually deleted this tweet and apologized but many, like me, didn’t let her off the hook.

That last tweet of mine prompted this exchange:

To be clear, I’ve often wished for the deaths of people who are evil and are a threat to Freedom and the Human race in general.  I was glad Bin Laden was killed and I wish that every terrorist who kills people will eventually have their life snuffed out quickly.  I have also routinely wished for the death of those who murder or abuse innocent children.  I will never apologize for my calls for the swift execution of those who have violated the inherent moral code all humans possess pose a threat to decent human society.

My point was that the vast majority of adults would never apologize for wishing for a person’s death who committed such a heinous crime that society would be better off with him dead.  Most sensible who value the democratic process would never wish death on those who share different political ideologies.  We would wish for a person to lose an election but we’d never advocate for their death!

There is an inconvenient truth that Ms. Ryan can’t deny – Her tweet wishing death on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was not due to some horrific crime he had perpetrated but solely on the fact that he has a different political ideology than hers.  Governor Walker has been an unabashed supporter of Free Market principles and limited government and that has obviously enraged Ms. Ryan to the point where she wishes he would die.  Make no mistake about it; advocating for the death of those who have different political views is exactly how fascists think.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet–> Leftists = Fascists.

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3 Responses to A Peek Into Leftist Ideology

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    I wonder if Ms. Sarah Siegel would be so forgiving if you or I tweeted out “Too bad it wasn’t ___________” and the fill-in-the-blank name was someone SHE held in high esteem? My Lord…you’d NEVER hear the end of it. Hypocrites!

    It’s also interesting how her first reaction is to try and turn the situation on you as if YOU were the one with the problem. Ms. Siegel: you and your ilk are the truly petty among us….

  2. tannngl says:

    Nice analysis.
    Poor young lady. She’s really been angry at Scott Walker. After all the left’s cheating, Scott Walker WON! hehehehehe

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