MLB Attendance Drives Global Temperatures

I have shown before how the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult has a very inconvenient problem in that the atmospheric CO2 concentrations do not correlate well with global temperature anomalies (especially over the past 17 years).  To further drive that point home, allow me show you how, over a 52 year period, a seemingly insignificant statistic has a better correlation with global temperature anomalies than atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Believe it or not, the annual attendance totals for all Major League Baseball (MLB) parks has a very strong correlation with the global temperature anomalies as measured by the Climate Research Unit (CRU).

mlb attendance and global tempsmlb vs global tempsMLB park attendance has a coefficient of correlation (R2) with global temperature anomalies of 77.8%.  For those not statistically inclined, the closer R2 is to 100% means you have a higher degree of certainty making the claim that a proportional change in variable X will cause an equally proportional change in output Y.

As a comparison, here is a graph showing the correlation between atmospheric CO2 concentrations (obtained here) and global temperature anomalies.

co2 vs cru 1960 to 2011So the R2 of MLB park attendance vs. global temperature anomalies (77.8%) is stronger than the R2 of atmospheric CO2 concentrations vs. global temperature anomalies (70.1%)!

You’ll even notice that MLB park attendance ‘explains’ the last 17 years of flat global temperature anomalies which is something the AGW cult can’t do with atmospheric CO2 concentrations.  From 1960 to 1997 MLB attendance increased in proportion to global temperature anomalies but then they both leveled off during the past 17 years.

Global temperature anomalies have been flat for the past 17 years while atmospheric CO2 continues its steady increase and this is shown by the lack of correlation in the following graph.

cru 1997So if Al Gore and the rest of the AGW cult were really serious about slowing the warming of our planet then they’d be advocating we limit the number of people who attend Major League Baseball games.

On the other hand, if Major League Baseball refuses to reduce the amount of time it takes to play a 9 inning game and continues to ignore their substance abuse issues, then the AGW cult will have nothing to worry about because the Earth will enter a new ice age as MLB park attendance approaches zero.

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7 Responses to MLB Attendance Drives Global Temperatures

  1. OH MAN, i feel the sarcasm in this post just oozing out of my phone. Well done sir. 😀

    The AGW cult only wishes they could provide documentation like this to prove their stupid “theories”.

  2. tannngl says:

    Oh my! This is amazing! I’ll bet if we get this to the global warming people fast! they will take care of the problem.
    I can see it now: “If you purchase shares of MajorLeague Baseball offsets, we can all breath easier knowing our world will be saved and the polar bears will live! And the seas will quit rising. And we won’t fry.

    Cosmoscon, this is the best post I’ve seen ever concerning global warming. Well done!!!!!!

    • cosmoscon says:

      Thanks! Just trying to show you can make statistics say pretty much anything you want. It’s what the AGW does with their cherry picking and data tampering. Except this data is 100% real!

      • 1957chev says:

        I love it. You can find a direct correlation between alot of things, but there isn’t necessarily any relationship between the two. It worked for them….for a little while! The seventeen year warming pause alone, should tell the alarmists, that CO2 is not the main driving force behind global warming. They ignore any information, that doesn’t support their theories! Problem is, we’re not scared, so their plan isn’t working.

  3. 1957chev says:

    Thank God….we now know the real cause of global warming. Those of us freezing our butts off here in Canada, would like to see attendance at the MLB games, go way up….Jus sayin!

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