O-Bot Thinks Obama’s Executive Orders Are Great For America

I saw a tweet in the #UniteBlue hashtag over the weekend and I decided to engage for clarification.

Yes, the O-bot love for The One is so strong that they’ll ignore Obama’s complete failures and instead praise him for the Executive Orders (EO’s) he has signed.

This was Twitter so I’ll forgive the grammatical error – ‘then’ vs ‘than’ – but let me debunk the ‘successes’ of these Obama EO’s one at a time.

1 – “Establishing the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force”

I hate to be the one to break it to you but it was the House and Senate that approved a bill to spend $50 billion to help rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. Obama’s EO didn’t do this; it was Congress who made this happen.

2 – “Improving access to mental health services for veterans, service members and military families”

Obama is helping Veterans? Really? Do these vets have to get this mental health care from a VA hospital? You know, the hospitals that are so backlogged that vets are dying?

3 – “Preventing and responding to violence against women and girls globally”

Do Leftists really think Obama is the only person who finds violence against women disgusting? Just because you issue a proclamation to decry an act doesn’t mean evil people aren’t going to continue to commit said act. Why doesn’t Obama issue an executive order preventing murder in his hometown of Chicago?

4 – “White House initiative on educational excellence for African Americans”

I definitely support improving the education of not only African Americans but all of our children. The inconvenient truth for the Left is that this EO, like all of Obama’s EO’s, will do absolutely nothing to help its stated objective. Do you really want to improve the education and lives of our children? Then encourage two-parent families.

5 –“Improving American Indian and Alaska native educational opportunities and strengthening tribal colleges and universities”

Executive order 13592 was signed to help improve the education of Native Americans and like I said above, I’m all for that. My question though – Why do we need an EO to help people get a better education?

And the executive order calls for the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, to carry out this noble task. Good luck with that!

6 – “Removing barriers to responsible scientific research involving human stem cells.”

I’m actually in favor of stem cell research but Obama’s EO lifting the barriers for government funded stem cell research went too far. Many people in the US are against this type of research because human embryos must be destroyed to carry out this research so we shouldn’t use their tax dollars to fund this. This EO wasn’t even needed because there are many private research labs already doing ground breaking research in this area. This is just another attempt of the Left to create wedge issues and expand the role of government.

7 – “Employment of veterans in the Federal Government”

Since 1944 the US has had a law on the books that gives preferential treatment to vets when seeking to fill federal job openings. I don’t really know what Obama’s EO will do to help vets find jobs but with regard to this executive order, I hope it helps because the men and women who sacrificed to keep us free deserve a good job when their service is over.

8 – “Raising the pay of federal workers”

Obama raised the minimum wage of Federal government employees to $10.10/hour and the Left cheered! This EO will only affect new employees and the vast majority of federal employees make much more than $10.10/hour. Like the rest of them, this EO was signed to benefit political talking points and it won’t actually help that many people.

9 – “Banning workplace discrimination”

So Obama signed an EO banning federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation. I don’t know where you work but the private sector has been operating like that for quite some time and to make the claim that this EO will ‘help more Americans than republicans have done for decades’ is ridiculous.

So there you have it – The Obama-bots’ adoration of The One is based on a handful of executive orders that are basically meaningless.

Carry on Leftists.

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2 Responses to O-Bot Thinks Obama’s Executive Orders Are Great For America

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    40+ years of an educational system that DOESN’T teach Civics properly, and you get a whole BUNCH of “Sherreas”…..Absolutely NO CLUE of how our Government is SUPPOSED to work.

    • cosmoscon says:

      It’s to the point where we can’t even have a reasoned debate of the facts with these #uniteBlue leftists. Really, my brain hurts when I read some of their tweets.

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