30-Day Paleo Reset

As I have stated in previous posts in 2016, I noticed my blood sugar levels were beginning to creep up and I struggled with the cause. I thought the reason might have been attributed to the Dawn Phenomenon, alcohol, reduced exercise or chewing gum. But after a few months of tinkering I think it was just that I got over confident in my success and decided to deviate too much from the Paleo lifestyle.

Even though I am a Type 2 Diabetic, for several years I have controlled my blood glucose within normal levels without the use of medication. And these “normal” levels are normal for someone without Type 2 Diabetes (fasting measurements between 70-100 mg/dl), not the “normal” that the American Diabetes Association says a Type 2 Diabetic should control his blood sugar (fasting measurements less than 130 mg/dl).

After 3 years of strict adherence to the Paleo lifestyle I had become over confident that somehow I had reversed my insulin sensitivity and my “cheat” days (which had previously been reserved for things like Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, etc.) were now a regular occurrence. Cheats for me consisted of beer, potatoes and grains such as grits, corn and chips and while I knew these were verboten, I refused to confront the brutal facts that these were not conducive to my genetic makeup.

I knew I needed a ‘reset’ and when Robb Wolf’s latest book – Wired To Eat – came out I quickly read it and accepted the 30-day back to Paleo basics challenge outlined in the book. The 30-day challenge didn’t just involve adhering to a strict Paleo diet, it involved getting 8 hours of sleep each night, moving every day and getting involved in community activities with friends and coworkers. Moving every day and socializing with folks is something I do every day so that was not a drastic change for me but getting back to Paleo basics and (more importantly) getting 8 hours of sleep each night was something that required effort on my part.

The results that I’ll share below mainly speak for themselves and this last month has reiterated the importance of following this Paleo lifestyle in not only controlling my Type 2 Diabetes but improving my general well being.

It should be noted again that my exercise regime was still the same – running, walking, biking or lifting weights 3-5 times per week – and the only thing I changed over the past 2 weeks was my diet and getting 8 hours of sleep every night.

Now on to the results….

The following metrics showed the improvement I made during this 30-day period:

  17-Apr-17 17-May-17
Weight 152.5 lbs 145.5 lbs
Waist to hip Ratio 94.70% 88.00%
Blood Pressure 119/80 109/75
Resting Heart Rate 67 bpm 55 bpm

The following chart shows my morning blood glucose readings prior to the 30-day challenge and during it.

morning blood glucose

Even more improvement is seen with the evening blood glucose readings during this same period.

evening blood glucose

During the mid way portion of this 30-day challenge I took my blood glucose readings about every hour in a typical day and the graph is shown below. (NOTE – the “spike” after dinner on this day was attributed to pineapple I ate with dinner.)

daily blood sugar may 2017

Now compare that graph with another graph during a day in late 2016 when I started to realize that my blood glucose levels were starting to be elevated.

daily blood sugar sep 2016

The following chart is from my Fitbit app showing the drop in my resting heart rate during this period and this was not from an increase in exercise but instead from an increase in the amount of sleep I got each night.

resting heart rate

You can see from the Fitbit app how my sleep each night during this 30-day period was about 8 hours per night and then you can see how this was a drastic improvement over what I had typically seen over the past year.


sleep past year.jpg

I’ll share more insights I gained from this 30-day reset in future posts and I’ll also explore the 7-day carb investigation that Robb Wolf explains in Wired To Eat but I want to stay on this strict Paleo lifestyle for another 30 days before I start that investigation. I need another 30 days to fully heal my body and complete the reset before I start experimenting with carbs and determining which are conducive to my genetics (and based on 3+ years of this, I don’t think there will be many that will fall into that category).

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6 Responses to 30-Day Paleo Reset

  1. blaine says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I had about a two year head start on you with low carb diet and reversing diabetes. I also have had weight and sugars start to creep up. Same reason but not as high as yours.

    I am going to go very low carb reset and start with a green drink fast, then track what happens.

    I still lift weights, bike and run with one very hard set of 8 by 200m sprints once a week. I go absolutely as fast as I can possibly go. My heart rate usually goes to about 170 after 3rd or 4th sprint. I let it recover below 120 while walking, then repeat. 20 minutes and I’m completely done like a carp out of water. For me it’s 3 to 1 both time and speed. 12MPh sprint, 4mph walk. 200 meters each. Blood sugar usually drops 20% in hours following.

    I’ve read as we get older, it’s important to do fast work to maintain muscle mass.

    You might try it once and see what happens if you like to experimrnt. I’m 65 so I’m pretty sure I’m close to my max I’m ever going to be.
    I just don’t want to fall down the backside of the bell curve. My resting heart rate went down after doing this for several months. It’s generally now between 50 and 55 in the morning upon waking. Blood pressure also went down from 120/80 to 105/65 over a period of several years.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if you tried this and saw improvement from your current stats.

    I don’t have the courage to try 4 minute Tabita workouts, perhaps if I was younger…

    Thanks for inspiring me. I’ll let you know what happens on my green drink fast and low carb reset.

    Here is an article from Clarence Bass on the subject. The man is a fitness god. Google his picture at 70, you won’t believe it.


    • cosmoscon says:

      Let me know how the green drink fast goes. I do see a benefit in a week of drastic calorie reductions and i do the 800 cal/day thing a couple times a year (this is the New Castle study diet) and do see a step function in blood sugar readings afterwards.

      Sprinting is tough work for sure and that is a tough workout doing 8 200m repeats that close together! But as I get older oddly enough I find it more enjoyable to do sprints than long distance (not to mention it doesn’t take as long to get a physically draining workout). I still love the long bit rides as they are very therapeutic to me, something about that stream of consciousness thinking that clears the cobwebs.

      Thanks as always Blaine for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Karim Miteff says:

    Sweet! (pun intended)

    I am not sure about grits, but beer and potatoes are serious culprits towards higher sugars, even people without diabetes.

    You’re on the right track. There is not a lot of leeway on the food choices, but you can explore the food groups that are allowed to add variety, if that is what you are missing.

    I am glad your system is responding. The plan works, no need to deviate, only improve!

    • cosmoscon says:

      Thanks Karim for stopping by! I’ll post my results in a month or so when I’m ready to start performing the Carb tests as outlined in the Wired To Eat book.

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