Climate Data Tampering 2018 Update

It is apparent that tampering of climate data at NASA/GISS is ongoing to make the past temperatures appear cooler to support their worldview that recent temperatures are increasing.

I wrote a blog post in 2011 showing how the actual NASA/GISS temperature station data don’t support the Global Warming (now called Climate Change) thesis and I thought it’d be good to compare the graphs I screen captured in 2011 to the graphs shown on the NASA/GISS website now to see if this data has been altered.

I’m using the NASA/GISS link here to obtain graphs of temperature station data so you can verify everything I discuss in this post. Note that I’ll highlight the differences between the 2011 and 2018 graphs with red ellipses on the 2018 graphs.

The Augusta/Bush temperature station data.

In 2011, the graph looked like this:

augusta 2011

Now it looks like this:

Augusta 2018

The Winnsboro, SC temperature station data.

In 2011, the graph looked like this:

winnsboro 2011

Now it looks like this:

Winnsboro 2018.jpg

The Columbia, SC temperature station data.

In 2011, the graph looked like this:

columbia 2011

Now it looks like this:

columbia 2018

The Darlington, SC temperature station data.

In 2011, the graph looked like this:

darlington 2011

Now it looks like this:

darlington 2018

The Wasco, CA temperature station data.

In 2011, the graph looked like this:

wasco 2011

Now it looks like this:

wasco 2018.jpg

The Tejon Rancho, CA temperature station data.

In 2011, the graph looked like this:

tejon-rancho 2011.jpg

Now it looks like this:

tejon rancho 2018

Are you starting to see the trend?

Past temperatures have been adjusted down and some past temperatures (if they were extremely high) have been removed.

Is this what Science looks like?

Climate Change is a fraud perpetrated by dishonest climate “scientists” and one day history will reveal this.  Mother Nature always wins in the end and the fraudulent claims made by charlatans will eventually be exposed in the white hot light of actual data.

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5 Responses to Climate Data Tampering 2018 Update

  1. tomwys1 says:

    The classic alteration is Reykjavik Iceland and the altered temperature record infuriated local meteorologists. On another front – wildfires – comes this Gem:

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    Despite what Mr. Obama stated, I don’t think the “science is settled”. The mere fact that data must be manipulated (Remember the Mann “hockey stick” graph?) tells me all that I need to know, and that is, they have a conclusion, and simply need to gerrymander the data to support their conclusion. That many of these “scientists” have substantial grants (present and future) resting upon their data supporting the desired end-conclusion, tells us a bunch.

    I remember in the 70’s that the “science was settled” that we would, by now, be entering into an ice age. And, somewhere back in the past, the “science” was also settled that the world was flat. What really irks me is the number of useful idiots they get to buy into this tripe.

  3. Wolf Homma says:

    Cosmocon, you may tear NASA data apart as much as you like, but how do you explain the following? In the 1980s I skied in Stubai, Austria, on this massive glacier. A while ago I pulled a film on Netflix that is titled “A flight over the Alps” (or something like that). I could not believe my eyes when they showed what was is left of the Stubai glacier: Grass and brown mud all over the place, caterpillars pulling giant tarps over the remaining ice to protect it from melting even more rapidly. And they are not doing this for fun. This whole operation costs a lot of money. Equally, the Swiss are pouring millions into new fortifications against melting water to protect their precious mountain villages that would otherwise be swept away.
    Across the Rhine river from where I grew up, vintners are now planting merlot, a grape that has its home in regions much further south. As a child, I was able to toboggan down the street in front of my parents’ house, but no serious snow has been seen in decades. In 2007 I took my family to the Austrian Alps where we were sweating like out in the Arizona in the desert. I have been in those mountains many, many times, but never experienced prolonged heat of such proportions.
    Sure, you may say, just anecdotal evidence. If you doubt the NASA data, look at the photos of glaciers on this site:
    They must be pretty good at photoshopping…

  4. gean says:

    “Institutionalized science” has become corrupt and perverted. It will take years and years to restore the lost credibility.

    Thanks for providing even more evidence.

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