This is How Socialism Always Ends

The honeymoon is over for Occupy Wall Street.  The kids are getting restless and now that whole Socialism thing isn’t sounding so good.  Sharing all your stuff with everyone isn’t as appealing as it once was and they are even fighting over sleeping bags – I wonder if colder temperatures have anything to do with that.  There is a great piece written by Alex Klein that chronicles the unrest in the OWS commune and you should go read it here. 

And the unrest isn’t confined to the East Coast.  At Occupy LA,  Big Government posted  the following video which shows lively debate about concensus, property rights and grass roots politics.  There were many heated conversations which shows that tempers are flaring and it’s obvious that the communal concensus method (up twinkles, down twinkles) isn’t working to everyone’s satisfactions.  It’s a great video so take a look at it and then share it with others.    

This is why Socialism only works in a Utopia where you have miraculously discovered a way to suppress the DNA in humans that cause us to do things such as excel, strive and possess objects.  When everything belongs to the State, then you don’t have Rights to anything and the State can take it away from you and give it to someone else.  All the sleeping bags, food, water, shelters and other necessities of life have been provided to the OWS movement and therefore it belongs to the entire commune.  That was great when the movement first started but now the weed has run out, they haven’t played their video games in several weeks, cell phones bills are coming due and things are starting to get testy. 

Welcome to the real world kids.  This is why Socialism doesn’t work and why Capitalism is the best economic system in the World and why the US has the #1 economy in the World.  Greed is good, Profit is Good, Innovation is good, Competition is good, Jobs are good and having a purpose in life is good.  Go read about it.      

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4 Responses to This is How Socialism Always Ends

  1. mikeleesglass says:

    Yes sounds great, your main purpose in life seems to be to get what you can on the backs of anyone else less fortunate. No one should profit out of a health service, education, public transport, or utilities – you just don’t get it Capitalism is at the root of everything that is wrong with this world.

  2. cosmoscon says:

    I appreciate your comments but i disagree. capitalism is what gave us the high quality of life we have today. If you think i’m wrong, please tell me what economic system you’d like to replace capitalism with.

    I will agree that one type of capitalism is very wrong and that is “crony capitalism”. Politicians, especially Obama, like to practice this and i am totally against that.

    • Silas Greenback says:

      “your main purpose in life seems to be to get what you can on the backs of anyone else less fortunate.”

      You mean to get what I can by providing goods and services to people? On the backs of those who have jobs thanks to my selfish motives?

      “No one should profit out of a health service, education, public transport, or utilities.”

      If no one could profit out of any of those things, there would be little incentive for the people who do those things to bother to find ways of doing them better. If there were truly NO potential gain, there would also be little incentive to do those things any better than one was being forced to.
      Developments in all those areas result when there is a profit to be made from doing things better than they’re currently being done.
      I don’t know about you, but I certainly prefer to receive health service, education, public transport, and utilities from individuals for whom there exists a personal gain to be made from providing those things better.

      “Capitalism is at the root of everything that is wrong with this world.”

      Seriously, everything? So, capitalism is at the root of rape, and child abuse? Actually, capitalism is at the root of IMPROVING the world. The lower class in our modern society still has a higher standard of living than the upper classes from ages past. That sort of improvement doesn’t result from desire to work for the common good and serve the state. It results from pursuing self-interest in a competitive marketplace.

      “you just don’t get it”

      No, you don’t get it. The reality of trying to make everyone equal is that we all meet at the bottom. We would have to be satisfied with whatever we were given because the state would own everything, the state would run everything, and we’d all essentially live on welfare, in public housing, with all areas of our lives being ruled over by one entity. And just who does this one entity consist of? Why, people who now find themselves in a position to get what they can on the backs of those less fortunate! Only now without any pesky competitors to get in the way.

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