You Can’t Appease an Occupier

In the Wall Street Journal there was an editorial about the struggles that the Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is having with the Occupy LA idiots.

The Mayor has tried to appease the Occupiers by offering ponchos to protect them from the rain, 10,000 square feet of office space and land that the occupiers can use to provide living space for the homeless and grow crops for food.  And how did the Occupy LA great this unwarranted generosity? 

The mayor’s overtures, however, merely emboldened the protesters. Just before midnight, hundreds of protesters crowded the streets around City Hall in revelry and defiance. The street party continued for several hours until police declared the demonstration an unlawful assembly and ordered everyone to clear out, at which point a few protesters wearing masks threw bamboo sticks and water bottles at officers. Most of the others returned to their campgrounds on the City Hall lawn.

George Santayana once said that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The attempts to appease Occupy Wall Street remind me of another famous attempt to appease an occupier in 1938.  The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and France’s Edouard Daladier agreed to a deal with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini to give Germany the Sudetenland as well as Czechoslovakia in exchange for peace with the rest of Europe.  Chamberlain arrived back in England with a piece of paper he waved in the air and declared “peace for our time.”  We know how well that worked out.

The harsh reality is that when dealing with terrorists or those who wish to ‘occupy’, there is no compromise.  They want what you have and will take it by force so the only way to stop it is to resist them with like force.  Peace through Strength.

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1 Response to You Can’t Appease an Occupier

  1. I think you have it wrong, the reason the “Occupy Idiots” are not satisfied with all of the stuff that the mayor is offering is because the protesters realize that the mayor is only throwing stuff at them in hopes that they will just go away. If you have a problem with the occupy protesters don’t try to be smart and make them look bad hence the “Occupy Idiots”. Catchy phrase you’ve got there!

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