Union Dinosaurs Move Closer To Extinction


As the WSJ reports, Michigan passed Right to Work legislation in both the House and Senate today and while the details of the two bills need to be reconciled and the Republican Governor needs to sign it, Unions appear to be on the verge of a crushing defeat in the heartland of Union Thuggery.

“Once a bedrock for organized labor, Michigan is now on the path to loosen unions’ ability to in effect compel workers to join their ranks.”

“Michigan’s governor and legislative leaders on Thursday declared their support for a right-to-work bill that would ban labor contracts requiring employees to pay union dues whether they join or not.”

“The state Senate and House of Representatives passed different versions of the legislation after lawmakers introduced bills in both chambers, with supporters predicting final passage by the end of the year. Republicans, the effort’s main backers, have a majority in both chambers. The House voted on party lines, by 58 to 52, while the legislation passed in the Senate with a few Republicans opposing.”

The Leftists on the #MIUnion twitter hash tag have started the same whining that we saw on the #WIUnion hash tag last year when Wisconsin passed legislation to limit collective bargaining of public service unions.  Take a look at some of the lunacy on both these hash tags tonight.

miunion2So forcing workers to pay union dues to wealthy union bosses is considered Democracy?  How about giving workers the choice to make their own decisions?  That is a better definition of Democracy to me.

wiunion3Yes, by all means necessary, please supply the same game plan to Michigan that Wisconsin used in the Scott Walker Recall election.   We know how well that worked out!

wiunion4I have to agree here.  Let’s hope the results are the same too!

wiunion5And how did all that time in the rotunda work out for you?  Oh right, you lost in a landslide!

wiunion6 Yes, here is the often quoted Lincoln phrase that Leftists twist to show support for Unions.  Notice that Lincoln said “labor” and not “labor unions.”’  There’s a big difference there.

It appears that the joy I received in watching the Wisconsin Union idiots fail miserably will be repeated in Michigan and I can’t wait for their demise.  I hope that liberals pump as much union dollars as they can into Michigan for another failed attempt to recall the governor and overturn the law that was legally passed by elected representatives.

We all know how this will end and in case you forgot, go here.

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5 Responses to Union Dinosaurs Move Closer To Extinction

  1. tannngl says:

    LIKE???? I LOVE THIS!!!! I’m so surprised! And just thrilled!!! Thanks for posting this!

  2. When my sis-in-law, who is a die-hard Lib, says “Unions are wrecking our country”, you know the Union message just AIN’T getting through the way they intend.

    To which I say, “Faster, please…”

    Way to spread the Good News, Cosmo!

  3. Just looked at the first picture (couldn’t see it on my Android before):
    “OUR” my cup of tea???

    Another proud product of a Public Education there, ladies and gentlemen!!!

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