I’ve had it!

The IRS targeting Conservative groups was bad enough but their smug attitude during questioning made my blood boil and now we find out that this corrupt organization is living the life of luxury.

“Already heavily criticized for targeting conservative groups, the Internal Revenue Service absorbed another blow Tuesday as new details emerged about senior officials enjoying luxury hotel rooms, free drinks and free food at a $4.1 million training conference. It was one of many expensive gatherings the agency held for employees over a three-year period.”

I’ve written before about how this latest scandal should force Congressional leaders on the Right and the Left to overhaul the IRS and move toward a Fair Tax system.  If we can’t do this in the current climate then shame on us.

Even Republicans in Congress have been reluctant to make major changes to halt our out of control Federal spending by shutting the Government down until we address Entitlement spending.

We have two huge problems that our elected officials refuse to fix – Unsustainable spending/debt and an unrepentant IRS hell bent on punishing US citizens.

I say we kill 2 birds with one stone by refusing to file a 1040 form during the 2013 tax year (April 15th 2014) unless Congress and the President act to overhaul the IRS.  If Congress won’t restrain the beast then we as citizens should do our patriotic duty to cut the beast off at the source – its tax revenue!

Sure we’ll still have withholdings deducted from our paycheck but many of us still have to pay taxes in April and we can stop that.

Can they throw all of us in jail if millions do this?

The IRS will already be understaffed when they are forced to police Obamacare starting in 2014.  I say come and get us!

If we aren’t mad enough now to take this sort of drastic action what are we waiting for?

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2 Responses to #No1040NextYear

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    Our tax code is a full-out disaster. Thousands of pages of regulations that, not only can’t the average citizen figure out, but, based on my experiences with them, neither can the IRS. Being in the financial planning world, I’ve had multiple occasions to contact them regarding an interpretation of a particular section of the code. Normally, after waiting for HOURS on the phone for an answer, I’d get something to the extent of: “We won’t make a determination at this time, but just go ahead and do “X”, and we’ll review your tax filing and determine what’s applicable.” Then, they’re kind enough to “suggest” that you get what’s referred to as a “private letter ruling”, which ONLY addresses that ONE situation……..at a cost that can easily be 5 figures and up.

    With WELL over 10,000 new IRS agents being hired to “enforce” O-care, I’d be cautious as to any path of protest that could be interpreted as a violation of the law. While jail time may not be the outcome, they still have the power (sadly) to confiscate property and seize bank accounts.

    Count me in on the movement to go to a flat tax.

  2. Tax reduction is a good idea, but avoidance will only get you into trouble. If we want things to change, we must continue the political struggle through public influence and voting.

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