AGW Lies On Antarctic Ice

The Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) radical Bill McKibben recently tweeted out to his followers that the Antarctic sea ice is melting at a surprising pace!

The link he tweeted was from a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor which seems to support his claim:

csm articleBut wait, I thought Global Warming expanded Antarctic sea ice extent:

natureThat article in Nature was published in March 2013 but in just 3 months the story has changed!

Actually the real data show a very different story.

antarctic sea iceThe penguins are very safe and we should continue our standard procedure of ignoring the Chicken Little tweets from the AGW cult.  They are getting very desperate as global temperatures continue to ignore the apocalyptic rise in CO2 in the atmosphere.

Thankfully for us, Mother Nature doesn’t alter her behavior based on political memes.

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3 Responses to AGW Lies On Antarctic Ice

  1. tomwys says:

    I suggest you check out the following link: (embedded title is self explanatory)

    Combined with record snowfall in the Northern hemisphere and aquifer replenishment, the lack of sea-level rise has a basis in reality. The GIA is also called into question in the following paragraph from the No Tricks Zone:

    “An international research team led by Erik Ivins of the Jet Propulsion Lab of Pasadena, California has taken a closer look at the GIA-correction and has reworked the data. They just recently published the results in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Based on data of the last decade, they’ve determined that the Antarctic ice melt represents in the worst case an amount of o.16 mm/year in terms of global sea level rise. That is signficantly less than what the IPCC proposed in its 2007 climate report. Back then the IPCC propoosed a sea level rise contribution by Antarctica in the worst case of 0.56 mm per year, see Table SPM1 of IPCC AR4).”

    • cosmoscon says:

      Thanks Tom, those are great links and comments. It’s just a matter if time before this fraud is revealed to all. We have to keep the ‘heat’ on these agw cult members.

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