What Happens If Obamacare Threw A Party And Nobody Showed Up?

There is a very real possibility that there will only be a fraction of the required people sign up for healthcare through the Obamacare exchanges by the March 31st deadline.  What does that mean?  Well basically the whole system will collapse and there is a very short but excellent article at Marketplace that lays out the possible end game.

Do yourself a favor and read the short article – It’s not pretty.

down for the countWhat do you think the Leftists will do when they realize Obamacare is on the verge of collapse because there aren’t enough young, healthy people pumping money into the system?  The logical move would be to stop the bleeding, repeal the law and admit defeat but that is not in the DNA of Team Obama.  Instead, they’ll go looking for more revenue to keep the system solvent at least through the mid-term elections.  And how do you think they’ll get that extra revenue?  That’s right, they’ll ask us to do our patriotic duty and pay our fair share. 

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4 Responses to What Happens If Obamacare Threw A Party And Nobody Showed Up?

  1. livinrightinpgh says:

    What a mess…..ONLY the Left can create a system that was reportedly done to help 30 million uninsured and make a big, hot mess for over 300 million. Unless, of course, you consider that this was their intention all along…..

    • cosmoscon says:

      Yep, I’m beginning to think a collapse of the system was their intention all along. Then force everyone on a public option aka Medicare.

      • I agree, Cosmo. However, the Libs have done what I believe to be irreparable harm to their facade of governmental competence.

        The hardcore believers will still be on board, sure, but the independents and even some cogent Dems will be less thrilled about trusting Big Daddy with running an all-encompassing “solution” to a problem of its own making.

        Not saying Obama-and-Co won’t do it. Just that they’ve made their argument in favor of it infinitely harder.

  2. What will they do? Campaign against themselves, and insist on single payer. It’s not beyond today’s Democratic Party. Under Obama, their hubris is such that they feel it’s already a one party system.

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