For Type 2 Diabetics, There’s No Place like Home

As a Type 2 Diabetic who controls his blood sugars without medication, it’s tough to eat right when I am out of town and consume most of my meals in unfamiliar restaurants.

I recently spent 8 straight days on the road and you can see from the graph below that I struggled with my morning blood sugar measurements being higher than normal. (NOTE – The measurements in the red circle represent days that I spent out of town).

morning blood sugar out of town

And just to be complete – Sleep, exercise and other parts of my daily routine didn’t change when I travelled out of town so the only variable that affected my blood sugar measurements was my diet.

I always try to restrict my choices to stay within the Paleo diet guidelines but I just never know for certain what goes on back there in the kitchen when I’m in an unfamiliar restaurant. They may add sugar, oils from grains, high fructose corn syrup or dairy that isn’t explicitly outlined on the menu.

I have a nice list of restaurants in my local area where I’ve had meals that didn’t raise my blood sugar but that list was compiled after months of trial and error (something I don’t have the luxury of doing when I’m out of town).

It’s tough enough to find Paleo friendly meals in restaurants in your home town but it’s even more difficult when you enter unfamiliar surroundings and this latest trip proved that for me.


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3 Responses to For Type 2 Diabetics, There’s No Place like Home

  1. tannngl says:

    Eating out is one of the most difficult things for us on keto. You’re right about what goes on behind the walls, in the kitchen! I always ask for whole food salads with olive oil and vinegar. Now I ask if they have what kind of oil they bring with oil and vinegar…it’s not olive oil. Sometimes I bring my own dressing in a jar!

    Let me just say 3 words:

    Bacon and eggs!

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