Climate Activist Loses Big In Midterm Election

There’s no way to sugar coat the shellacking the Democrats took in the 2014 midterm elections. It was awful.

But what makes this election result much more difficult to swallow for the Left is when you take into account the vast amount of political money that was spent by Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult members.

From NPR:

Yesterday was a grim one for liberal SuperPacs. One of the biggest spenders was NextGen Climate Action. The group had spent tens of millions of dollars attacking Republicans on the climate change issue in seven contests. NextGen Climate Action is funded mainly by one donor – hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer. NPR’s Peter Overby takes a closer look at Steyer’s spending and why it didn’t pay off.

PETER OVERBY: All told, Tom Steyer put $74 million into the midterms. Nearly all of it went to NexGen Climate Action, so the question is was that $74 million well invested?

And the delusional response from Tom Styer?

Oh God, yes. Oh my, gosh, there is no – look, the way that we make social change in the United States is through the political process. And there’s no doubt that we’ve heightened this issue incredibly. We built up an incredible base of supporters around the country and we absolutely surfaced it in a way that’s never happened before in elections.

Really? Let’s take another look at the results.

OVERBY: Among the winners last night were four Republicans than NexGen Climate had targeted – Governor Paul LePage in Maine, plus Senators elect Cory Gardner in Colorado and Joni Ernst in Iowa.

OVERBY: Florida was NexGen Climate’s biggest loss. Steyer and his strategists said they met their goal for voter turnout in places they targeted, but Scott more than made up for it in other parts of the state.

NextGen Climate dumped 10’s of millions of dollars into campaigns to prevent Republicans from being elected but they lost miserably. And Steyer says that money was well invested!

Well I agree! I hope the rest of the AGW cult community continues to waste valuable campaign dollars in just such a manner for many years to come.

Meanwhile, the rest of us recognize the AWG cult lies for what they are. Lies.

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3 Responses to Climate Activist Loses Big In Midterm Election

  1. I’ve been missing your blogs. Finally got my email restored so I’m getting your updates again. Great to see you’re still chugging along.

  2. tannngl says:

    At least He’s dumped loads of dollars into our economy! That creates jobs and wealth for private business! 😀

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