I Still Can’t Explain This

I’m a Type 2 Diabetic and back in July I wrote about how something odd had happened the month before with my blood sugar measurements and by “odd”, I meant good!

Well, it’s been 6 months since that apparent step function down in blood sugar measurements and I’m happy to report that this oddity is now the new normal.

morning blood sugar

evening blood sugar

It is clear from both graphs that the change happened in early June and both morning and evening measurements saw this improvement. With the exception of two spikes (that I explained here and here) my blood sugar measurements are right in the middle of a normal range for someone without Diabetes.

While it is great news that this improvement wasn’t an anomaly, the bad news is I still can’t explain it.

I still follow the same Paleo lifestyle these past 6 months as I did 6 months prior to this change and there was no assignable cause to this.

Did it take that much time of eliminating grains, legumes and dairy to finally allow my body to function the way it was intended to?

Was there some food I subtly eliminated that I didn’t log?

As someone who is a slave to the data, it pains me that I can’t assign a cause to this.

Make no mistake about it – I’m still a Type 2 Diabetic. I periodically test my body out by eating a potato, tortilla or piece of bread to see how my body reacts and sure enough my blood sugars rise above the normal range. My insulin sensitivity has drastically improved but I’m most certainly still a Type 2 Diabetic. But here’s the thing – Even if my body were to totally reset itself, based on my increased energy levels and overall general health, I’d never go back to the way I used to be (eating grains, legumes and dairy).

I’ve been following this Paleo lifestyle in varying degrees for over a year now and I still have more questions than answers but my data clearly show that a Paleo lifestyle can allow a Type 2 Diabetic to have blood sugar measurements in the normal range without medication.

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