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CBO Report Margin Of Error Is 100%

BREAKING – It is very difficult to model the world’s largest economy. I get it, Macroeconomics is hard.  It’s hard not only because of the math and statistics but it’s hard because Macroeconomic models must attempt to model one of … Continue reading

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New Feature For TurboTax 2013

UPDATE (17-FEB-14) – Intuit VP of TurboTax offers clarification in comments section below. I have been using TurboTax for the last 10 years to file my Federal and State taxes and I’ve been one of its biggest cheerleaders. My dad … Continue reading

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How Leftists Argue

After the recent UAW pummeling in Tennessee, Leftists have an extreme case of #Butthurt and they are taking to Twitter and demonstrating the 3 step arguing technique they always follow: 1)      Lie 2)      Shift and 3)      Vile Tweet Before I … Continue reading

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Is NPR Becoming Pro 2nd Amendment?

Not likely but sometimes the most interesting parts of an NPR story don’t make it to their web page version. There was an NPR story investigating how guns in Vermont are becoming a currency to be used to purchase illegal … Continue reading

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The Budget Deficit Memory Hole

The Left appears very organized in the way they are presenting our fiscal situation and as expected, “journalists” are reprinting the talking points unchallenged. Have you missed it?  Team Obama is trying to cast The One as a very austere … Continue reading

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Jacob Lew Is Clueless

NPR’s Melissa Block recently had an interview with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and I’m amazed at how much the Treasury Secretary struggles with simple math. Here is the main quote from that interview where Ms. Block was asking if he … Continue reading

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Real Income Inequality Solutions

If you watched Obama’s State of the Union speech (I didn’t) then you know he spent a lot of time talking about Income Inequality.  If you think this is just a short term talking point then you haven’t been paying … Continue reading

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Enviro-Whacko Logic

From the ‘You Can’t Make This Up’ Department…. Environmentalists have had a long love affair with the spotted owl and they’ll tell you it’s because they love all creatures and want to protect them but the reality is they saw … Continue reading

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A Damaging Book For Team Obama

Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense under Bush and Obama, has written a new book called “Duty” and NPR’s Steve Inskeep had a long interview with him about the new book.  Read the whole transcript here but I’ll share a … Continue reading

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War On Poverty Update

There seems to be a rallying cry of the Left this year to push the class warfare, income inequality memes and they are now claiming a renewed interest in the War on Poverty. Before we listen to the Elizabeth Warrens … Continue reading

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GLAAD Just Went A Bridge Too Far

GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has had a couple of no good, terrible, rotten years. Last year it was their “kiss-in” protest at Chick-Fil-A restaurants that ended in complete failure. This year GLAAD didn’t like Phil Robertson … Continue reading

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What To Do When Obamacare Unravels

Over Christmas there was a great Opinion piece in the Wall-Street Journal that fleshes out what I’ve been dancing around for a couple of years now. The real way we will make our US healthcare system better is by moving … Continue reading

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A Stimulus Plan That Is Too Good To Be True

I think of the weirdest things when I am running.  This just came to me and I’m surely missing something so please read through this and tell me why this won’t work. Problem Statement Companies legally avoid paying corporate taxes … Continue reading

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What The Chevy Volt and Obamacare Teach Us

Some people are pointing to the recent failures of Obamacare as proof that disaster ensues when the Federal Government gets involved in the private industry and tries to counteract Free Market forces.  You get no argument from me on that … Continue reading

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This Is Newsworthy To NPR

It’s either a slow news day or NPR is trying to push the Elizabeth Warren ‘class warfare, wealth redistribution, Income Inequality’ talking points. NPR just ran an honest to goodness story (it’s on their website and everything) that is about … Continue reading

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Hope Is Not A Strategy

I have not seen this officially communicated anywhere but it appears to me the GOP heads of state have devised the following strategy for 2014 – Let’s move to the middle and make small compromises with the Left on all … Continue reading

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The Inequality That Obama Forgot To Mention

In an attempt to avert attention away from his Obamacare fiasco, The One gave a speech today where he trotted out the Left’s favorite meme du jour – Income Inequality.  We all know that this meme is really just a … Continue reading

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A Bad Day For Unions

Liberal controlled Local and State governments are slowly waking up to the fact that sweetheart pension deals for their unions are bankrupting their cities and states. First we saw a ruling from a federal judge that states the city of … Continue reading

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Blame Obamanomics

Today there was more bad news for the long termed unemployed who are still suffering from this supposed Obamanomics recovery. “More than 1 million people will see their extended unemployment benefits immediately cut off at the end of the month … Continue reading

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A Peek Into Leftist Ideology

To those who are not blind to history, we know that fascism has its roots in the ideology of the Left (even though they try to deny it) so we must be on guard to see this behavior creep to … Continue reading

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