Hankie Truthers

Yes, the Left is so butt-hurt over the curb stomping Romney administered to Obama during this week’s debate that they have come up with a new theory about why this happened.  And this one beats Al Gore’s altitude theory.

The latest theory is that Mitt Romney had a cheat sheet.  Yes, you read that right.  Never mind that it was obvious that it wasn’t a cheat sheet but a handkerchief and there is even a picture showing Romney using the handkerchief to wipe his upper lip.  That didn’t stop some idiots in my Facebook Timeline from claiming they had found the reason for Romney’s debate success.  I have dubbed these individuals ‘hankie truthers’ and will call them such when I see them on Social Media.

Here are some screen caps from the Facebook comments (names and pictures have been erased):

You’ll notice above that my comments (third one) try to point them to links showing how this meme has been debunked but they’ll have none of that!

To Leftists, there is just no way Romney could’ve beat The One in a fair debate fight.  It was a cheat sheet!  It was an unfair moderator!  It was the altitude!  Romney lied!  Oh the Leftist tears taste so sweet.

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3 Responses to Hankie Truthers

  1. For me it was substance over hankie. Most memorable was the point about the $90 billion Obama has poured into Green Subsidies, where about 50% of the companies subsequently failed, and which turns out to be 50 years worth of tax expenditures granted to the Oil and Gas Industry, in write-offs applicable to every other business. And yet only 2% or less of our energy comes from the Green Sector. To this day Obama has been unable to refute this.

    And then there was the line about Obama’s “trickle-down-government approach”. Classic! Again, Obama has no defense.

    That must have been one hell of a hankie, since he also used it to wipe his upper lip several times. The writing must have been in invisible ink. Maybe Mitt was wearing x-ray contact lenses so only he could read it. Or maybe Mitt’s an amateur magician. Or just maybe it wasn’t the real Mitt at all. Maybe it was Clint Eastwood, cleverly disguised as Romney.

  2. Nice post, Cosmo. I admit I didn’t think anything could top Al Gore’s “altitude” stupidity for an excuse.
    Wow, was I spectacularly wrong.
    And for the record, if Mitt is genius enough to somehow put 90 minutes of usable debate notes on a handkerchief, that should get him EXTRA points in my book.
    One more thing: just re-added you to our Blogroll this weekend. Somehow(?), you and three other blogs came off; neither GBL nor I know what happened.
    Regardless, you’re back on.

    Keep up the effort over here, partner. This week (especially Thursday night) should provide all SORTS of source material……

    • cosmoscon says:

      Thanks JTR, been away for a few days on a golf outing! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and you keep banging away with your excellent blog! We’re almost to the finish line.

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