AGW Cult Doubles Down On Stupid

You have to hand it to the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult, they never give up or go off script even when the evidence against their primary thesis is hiding in plain sight.

It’s one thing for them to ignore an obscure blogger like myself when I publish a post every 3 months showing that there has been no increase in global temperatures for 15 years even though atmospheric CO2 continues to increase.  But when The Economist (a Left leaning magazine that has been a known to push climate change stories) published an article that casts serious doubt on the climate models and the AGW cult past predictions, you’d think the AGW cult would have to pack it in and admit they’ve been lying all these years.


I had to check this link out and make sure this wasn’t an April fool’s tweet and sure enough the BBC article appears to be legit.  There is a real paper in Nature Geoscience that the BBC article references.

“Changes in sea ice significantly modulate climate change because of its high reflective and strong insulating nature. In contrast to Arctic sea ice, sea ice surrounding Antarctica has expanded, with record extent in 2010. This ice expansion has previously been attributed to dynamical atmospheric changes that induce atmospheric cooling. Here we show that accelerated basal melting of Antarctic ice shelves is likely to have contributed significantly to sea-ice expansion. Specifically, we present observations indicating that melt water from Antarctica’s ice shelves accumulates in a cool and fresh surface layer that shields the surface ocean from the warmer deeper waters that are melting the ice shelves.”

So melting ice produces cold water on the surface that refreezes and causes more ice extent in the South Pole.  Ok, I have two questions.

1 – How do they know this is true?

Easy, the climate models say so (from the abstract at Nature Geoscience):

“Simulating these processes in a coupled climate model we find that cool and fresh surface water from ice-shelf melt indeed leads to expanding sea ice in austral autumn and winter.”

The same climate models that were wrong in predicting global temperature rises (as shown in The Economist article reference above) also validate this latest theory on increased ice extent in the South Pole.  Great, that’s all the proof I need.

2 – Why aren’t the same phenomena happening in the North Pole?  The AGW cult likes to point to reduced ice extent in the North Pole as proof of their theory but melting ice can produce cold surface water there too.

Oddly enough, I couldn’t find the answer to that one!

Do you notice the desperation here?  The AGW cult started out with simple predictions of what will happen with more CO2 being added to the atmosphere (higher global temperatures, polar ice melt, rising oceans) but when that wasn’t scary enough they said storms would be stronger (hurricanes, tornados, floods), winters would be warmer, many northern locations would not have snow anymore and they even tried to tie earthquakes to AGW.  When that didn’t scare enough people (because those predictions didn’t come true) they then started the art of ‘hindcasting’ their predictions.  They’d take an event that they didn’t predict (i.e. colder winters, growing ice in Antarctica) and develop elaborate theories to say they predicted those events as well.

It’d be too kind to call the AGW cult clowns because their government funded research is not only wasting people’s money, they are destroying the once good reputation of Science by blatantly falsifying data.

The AGW cult is desperate and we should expect more unhinged behavior as more of their members realize they are standing in a corner that they’ve painted themselves into.  This is the real inconvenient truth that all liars eventually realize.

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3 Responses to AGW Cult Doubles Down On Stupid

  1. So man-made CO2 allegedly melts Arctic ice which then refreezes creating more Arctic ice which solves a problem which never existed, or something.

  2. It’s sad, Cosmo, but the reality for the AGW cult is to either “double down on stupid”, or come to grips with the fact that they are completely misguided. One would hope that they would be able to seek the truth, since we know the “Truth” will set them free…..

  3. Cary says:

    Cosmo, this is the first thing I’ve read at your site (sent here by way of Jonah Goldberg) and it’s a great post. Science and math are really hard for the AGW cult.

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