All Weather Is Caused By Global Warming

I listened to an NPR story this morning about wild weather tied to unusual jet stream activity and I waited patiently for the eventual tie in to Global Warming.  I knew it would happen and I was not disappointed.

It’s not clear whether global warming contributed to the recent extreme weather in Colorado, but it is possible, Francis says. That’s because the Arctic is warming up much faster than other areas, which “must have an effect on the jet stream,” Francis says.

Never mind that Arctic sea ice increased this year.  And don’t look at the data showing Arctic sea ice at the same level we were at in 2005.  And by all means, don’t look at the data that show the Arctic sea ice is now ‘normal’ when compared to the average since 1981.

arctic sea iceBut those sorts of inconvenient truths will never stop the AGW cult scientists.

“It could be drought. It could be heat waves. It could be flooding due to prolonged rainfall,” she says. “All of those kinds of patterns should be becoming more likely.”

Drought, flood, heat wave, you name it – Global Warming caused it.

The science is settled.

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15 Responses to All Weather Is Caused By Global Warming

  1. I’m so happy you’re back healthy and tearing up the AGW cult. God bless brother.

  2. Reblogged this on libslayer2013 and commented:
    Tearing up the AGW one fact at a time .

  3. tomwys says:

    Not sure how the graphic handles years. September 2007 was the prior “record” open Arctic, with a 300,000sqKm recovery in 2008, but the chart shows otherwise. Your main point still holds, but expect the Arctic to open further two and three years from now, as ice depth is still trending towards lesser amounts, as is total floating ice volume too.

    All this points to further cooling, as per:

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    No one destroys the Global Warming Alarmists’ ridiculous hyperventilating with quite the same aplomb as our buddy, Cosmo. This post is shorter than normal for him, …but just as lucid. — Great stuff.

  5. kayedubya says:

    Wonderful post!!!

  6. livinrightinpgh says:

    “Look! We KNOW in our all-compassionate hearts that global warming is REAL! I mean….HOW could I feel so strongly about something that WASN’T true? Your constant interjecting of FACTS is cruel and VERY mean spirited!!!”

    • Allow me to provide the typical AGW Lefty response, Pgh:
      “…You conservatives with all your logic and facts are, like, such a total BUZZ KILL, dude….
      Your devotion to reasonable discourse is seriously harshing my mellow….”

  7. --Rick says:

    Global warming and cooling are cyclical behaviors that have occurred and persisted throughout Earth’s existence. The planet is a living entity in that it is never at rest. The continents began as a Pangaea that split to form super-continents. This movement is continuing today. As to sea levels, when the mass of the continents was closely bound, sea levels were low. When they separated, sea levels rose. Tectonic plate movement continues to shift continents as the super-continent cycle continues to this day.

    You can find a lot of information on this topic by googling super-continent and super-continent cycle. Here is a map of global temperatures that covers millennia of naturally occurring temperature cycles. When it comes to global warming and a fix, my best advice is to exploit the earth and use what you can for a more comfortable and happy life.

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